Why You Need Turnkey Interior Designer

Hiring different contractors or skilled workers for each work like carpenters, painters, and flooring workers, etc. and coordinating the work can be a nightmare. You will have to find the right people with the capability to understand your ideas and execute it the way you want it. When you hire different contractors for different works, it may affect the quality of the whole design because nobody has the responsibility for the entire design. If something goes wrong, each contractor will blame other contractors who did other works. This is where you need someone who will take responsibility for the entire work. This helps you to ensure better quality work.

Bespoke Ready to Occupy Homes

We undertake turnkey interior design projects and transform a bare building into a beautiful home you can move right in. As you turn the key and enter your home for the first time, you will find a complete ready to occupy home with all amenities, accessories, and things including the carpets, throw pillows, window treatments and even bathroom towels folded on the rack. We also get the complete amenities for your kitchen including basic crockeries and other kitchenware, stove, gas connection and chimney.

We will also get and install kitchen appliances like dishwasher, mixer, grinder, water purifier, microwave oven, induction cooktop, and cooker, etc. as per your requirements. When you enter your bedroom, you will have your bed made up. You can even find a couple of cola bottles chilling in your brand new fridge. Your TV will be installed on the right spot connected with your favorite D2H or cable TV provider. You can watch the TV sitting on the beautiful couch we have specially designed for your living room. You will not have to think about any interior design work or purchasing appliances or other accessories for your home. Leave your turnkey interior design project up to us, and we will do the planning, execution and selection process to make it a complete functional home. You just move in and start living.

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Virtual Communications

Don’t worry if you are not on the site. Our team will virtually communicate with you over Skype and email, so you will never miss an update about the progress of the work. We will regularly update you with photos and videos of the work so you can understand the progress of the work. We are well-known for our prompt and timely communication with the clients. This is one of the major factors that helped us to become NRI’s favorite turnkey interior design contractors in Chennai.

NRI Interior Design in Chennai

If you are an NRI, you may not be able to supervise or overseer the work because you are abroad. Therefore, you need someone you can trust to do your works. We have been serving the NRIs from Chennai for decades to help build their dream home in their home city. Among NRIs, we are the most trusted interior design contractor in Chennai. Our dedication to fulfilling our clients dreams about their home helped to offer something to offer clients that is beyond their expectation.

Professional Design with Experienced Designers

Our designers will work with you to create a home that reflects your personality. We will start by space planning and distribution based on the available space and your requirement. Our team will come up with the most effective plans that balance between the available space and your requirement. We will make the necessary changes to the plan based on your suggestions. Once we finalize the design, we go ahead and create a 3D model of the plan. Our designers will be happy to make the changes to the design based on your tastes and preferences.

Comprehensive Design

Our plans and design will include every aspect of a fully functional home. The design will contain all details about the electrical circuit, plumbing, and furniture pieces. Our friendly staff will explain each element in the design in detail so you can understand the plan well. We also ensure that every structural element goes well with each other to avoid complexities.

Selection of Materials

We have business relationships with various interior design vendors and suppliers in South India. This helps us to get any materials required for our clients at discounted rates. We try our best to get maximum discounts for materials. We believe it would be great if you personally choose the materials and accessories for your home. We will assist you to pick the best that matches with the design. So, we highly appreciate our clients to spend 3-4 days to spend on picking all the materials for the home. However, it is not completely necessary. Our team can pick the best items for your requirements and matches well with the design.

Cost Control and Timely Delivery

Turnkey interior design contracts give you better control over the budget. Turnkey interior design contractors’ profit will be far less than the collective profits of the different contractors for different works. Therefore, hiring turnkey interior design contractors is more economical. Moreover, you will have an exact idea of the total budget when you go for turnkey interior designers. You can never predict the total cost. Moreover, you will never know when the work will be over if you choose to hire different contractors for different works. There might be unwanted lags which will conflict with your plans. On the other hand, if you hire a turnkey contractor, you will exactly know when the project will be over. The contractor will ensure the progress as per the plan and will be finished by the deadline. You will get the key of your completely finished and ready-to-occupy home as per the plan.

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