We provide complete interior designing solutions to fulfill your dreams of a home through creative designs from gifted designers and talented professionals.

We can design the interior of your newly purchased apartment from scratch as well as decorate existing living spaces with added furniture and minor arrangements. We stand for building better interior environments that would make the guests jealous in Chennai and we have become one of the top 10 interior designers in Chennai.

We can Build you a Home with a Personality

The favorite style of the interior may vary from person to person. We can help you fulfill your idea about your home and create you an interior space the way you want.

The color scheme of the interior and the types of furniture we chose can determine the personality of your home. You can have a minimalistic interior with less furniture and lots of negative space. This is good for families with maximum two members.

You can also have a royal or elegant interior. This is great for large houses because huge furniture and lighting and high ceiling are the key requirements for a royal style interior. There are many different styles in the modern and traditional niche. The contemporary style would give a clean and neat appearance for the home. We are the best interior decorators in Chennai offering interior decoration in any kind of style.

Our Work Flow

After initial talks, we prepare multiple 2D drafts suitable for the house and shortlist 3 of them. Then we create 3D designs for the shortlisted drafts and get the approval from the client. After considering the feedback from the clients we revise the design.

The 3D designs we create are the exact representation of the final work. We make sure that clients liked the design and once the client approves the design, we start executing it.

We believe that the personal tastes and requirements of the occupants are the primary factor to be considered while designing an interior. The tastes and requirements may greatly vary from person and person and one design worked for one house may not work for others.

It doesn’t mean we don’t care about the conventions. Conventions and best practices in the interior design work as a guide to design a compelling design.

Space Planning

We understand the dimensions of the space and required utilities based on the requirements of the family. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the space and occupants’ requirements and divide the space into zones based on the activities and function of the space.

While filling required utilities in a room, it is also important to leave space free. We never overcrowd a room with furniture which might make the rooms look stuffed and heavy. We consider the space for the people to move through seamlessly because that would make the space look a lot cleaner. We ensure an easy passageway in the entire house to help the occupants move freely.

Interior Design in Chennai at Low Cost

Interior designing is not something only wealthy class need. We believe everyone should have the privilege to do interior designing for their homes and build a better living environment for their family.

Therefore, we offer interior designing for affordable rates to make sure everyone can hire an interior designer to transform their house into their dream home. We have interior design packages for all kinds of houses and families. We are the best budget interior designers in Chennai offering interior designing decoration at affordable rates. This made us the favorite interior design company of the people in Chennai.

Home Renovation

Whether you bought a used flat or want to revamp your existing house, we can help you with a world-class interior renovation. We remove the existing decorating elements and use brand new materials instead. We will completely recondition the interior and give it an entirely different style. We also create a personality for the new house based on your tastes and you will never remember the old style.

We modernize kitchen, bathroom, and lighting of the house. We will use the existing furniture items and arrange it neatly to help you achieve a more appealing interior. We have talented artists and carpenters to customize any existing furniture and make it look more modern or contemporary. Our home renovation service would give you a new experience in your home.

Interior Designers in Chennai for Flats

We can help builders to convert their properties in to ready to occupy flats. We have a huge workforce and resources to meet the large requirements. We work faster and finish the works in deadline which is important for your business. Our ability to complete the projects in time helped us to gain top position in the list of top interior designers in Chennai.

We can also customize the new flat you bought in Chennai. We can personalize your property into an amazing environment which you can definitely call home. When it comes to flats, you don’t have much control over the over the design of the house and therefore it would be difficult to match the interior to match your particular needs.

Interior Designers in Chennai for Small Houses

Interior designing for small houses is challenging because maximum functionality and utilities have to be added in minimal space. We have proven tricks and methods to provide maximum facility using minimal space. Our designers can also create the illusion of big space through the clever use of space.

For a smaller house, we take various measures to make the room look appear airy and bigger by reducing the visual weight of the room. We use white colors for the paint to brighten up your rooms. We also use furniture and other utilities with a less visual weight which can drastically improve the interiors of the smaller houses. We can create the illusion of more space through various other tricks.

We have helped hundreds of clients in and around Chennai. We have a right blend of veteran architects with versatile experience and passionate young designers in our team to provide top-notch service to any interior designing requirements. We also have plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other skilled professionals to manage allied operations to help us create a perfect home for our clients.

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