Cool Japanese Zen Interior Design Tips to Make a Calm and Tranquil Home

Our busy lifestyle makes it increasingly difficult to find some tranquil and peace in our lives.

That is why  Zen interior design has become very popular these days to create a peaceful, calm and tranquil atmosphere in the homes. The home is a place where we come back to after the stressful day. So, we need a home that provides as the perfect atmosphere to have some peaceful time. The Zen interior design style is one of the solutions recommended and tried many people across the world.

Zen Interior Design

The basic principles of Zen interior design are harmony with nature, minimalism, and relaxation. The goal of Zen interior is to make the home suitable for relaxation and meditation. So, we can utilize the principles recommended in the Zen interior design to create a peaceful environment in our homes.

Zen is a variant of Buddhism, and it doesn’t have strict guidelines or style guide for the interior design. The practitioners of Zen have associated certain interior design values and styles with Zen lifestyle, and it became popularly known as Zen interior design.


Go Natural, Harmonize with Nature

The more natural elements you could bring inside the better. You should try your best to use objects made of natural elements. This is the best to harmonize with nature. Bamboo has a dominant element in the Japanese interiors, and it’s also true with the Zen.

It may not be possible for you to follow a Japanese style completely. So, what you can do is make some changes inspired by the Zen style. Here are a few things you can do.

  • Pick a window screen made of bamboo.
  • Go for solid wood or bamboo flooring.
  • You can add some small plants in your rooms that are culturally related to you.
  • Pick earthly colors like white, black and beige


Minimalism, Less is More

Zen interior design stands for simplicity. It avoids design elements or objects with lots of details and ornamentation.

We can also see that Zen style doesn’t appreciate a cluttered with lots of stuff. You need to arrange the rooms in a way to create maximum empty space, preferably at the center.


Go Low with Furniture

The level of most furniture pieces used in the Zen interior design is close to the ground. Chair, coffee table, and desk are just like planks on the floor and people would sit almost on the ground level. See the pictures below to get an idea.

Interior of a japanese home with Zen interior design style


Japanese have large windows to provide enough natural light to the interiors. They prefer soft and diffused light in its natural hue.

They use window screens to diffuse the direct sunlight and avoid elements in the rooms that would contaminate the natural hue of the sunlight.