Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Our interior design services in Bangalore offers distinctive living spaces customized to the unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle of the clients. We are a team of gifted interior designers, talented civil engineers, architects and extremely skilled workers who can provide solutions for any interior design requirements in Bangalore. We pick the best technologies for our team to work smarter and more efficiently. We are very good at figuring out your preferences and needs. Then we use your space efficiently to provide maximum amenities and style based on your preferences.

Home Renovation in Bangalore

We also offer interior renovation services in Bangalore to refurbish the old interior design of the house. Whether it is an outdated style or your changing requirement, we can help you revamp your interiors to meet your new requirements and upgrade the style. We can give a complete facelift for your interior if you want to upgrade the style. We will carefully demolish the old design elements and remodel your house. If you want to add extra structural elements to the building and design it, we can do that as well. We have incredibly talented designers and employees to renovate your interior perfectly.

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    Our Interior Design Process

    Define Objectives

    After the initial conversation with the client, we define the goals and objectives of the project. Our main focus at this stage will be the needs, requirements, concepts of an ideal home and budget of the client. We scrutinize them and define the objectives of the project.

    Our designers and engineers visit the site and analyze the house. The structure of the building, shapes, and sizes of the rooms and relationships between the room, etc. will be considered. We will take the photos of the rooms to help us during the different stages of the design.

    Our consultants and designers are highly skilled in understanding the lifestyle, personal preferences and underlying dreams of the clients. We consider them in our design. It helps us to design a home that is beyond the expectations of the client.

    Space Planning

    We will distribute the space and create a space plan based on the requirements of clients’ needs and characteristics of the space. Our main focus on the space planning will be utilizing the space in the most effective way for the clients. We will distribute the space based on the requirements and preferences of the client. The preferences and needs of each individual or family will vary based on their lifestyle, number family members and the age of family members. We consider all these factors while creating the space plan. Our goal is to create a functional, convenient and comfortable living space for our clients. Therefore, we utilize the space effectively to give maximum amenities and comforts for the clients based on their preferences.

    3D Design

    After the space plan is finalized, our designers will create a 3D computer graphic of the plan. The design will contain all details of the design including the colors, patterns, textures, and smoothness and reflectivity of the finishing materials. We will also include things like furniture pieces, light sources, window treatments and even throw pillow. It will give you the exact idea of the plan. You can suggest changes to the design if you want to add anything extra and make any changes in something. The preferences of each design element may vary from person to person. What some people would love may be disliked by some other people. We believe that visual design is mostly pure subjective. Therefore, we make sure the opinions of the client are considered.


    Once the design is finalized, we start purchasing the materials required for the objects. We highly recommend you spend a couple of days to pick small accessories, fittings, and other similar elements. We can assist you in this. We have relationships with most of the interior design and decoration vendors and suppliers. It will help us to get special discounts for you whatever you buy. Plywood and other similar materials required to build storage spaces and other furniture pieces will be taken to our interior design studio because we will create the storage units and furniture at the studio.


    Once the design is finalized, our highly skilled and professional workforce will take over the site. We will carefully demolish any structural elements if required. We have cutting-edge technologies which help us to do the changes in the structures without causing any damages.
    Our exceptionally talented workforce can replicate the design as it is. You can never find a jagged edge or imperfections in our work. We are committed to quality work and ensure that we have the best equipment and best workers. We also ensure that we use quality materials in our works.

    Timely Delivery

    We know it is quite distressing for the clients when the project is not finished on time. It would affect their plans and make their life difficult. On the other hand, it makes our work also more difficult. When we fail to complete a project on time, it affects our other projects. Therefore, we follow proven project management and task sequencing techniques to make our jobs faster. We utilize the time effectively to progress the execution without any delay in between each step. Our task sequencing is designed to reduce free or waiting time.
    We have a good name in the interior design industry in Bangalore for completing all projects on time. We try our best to make sure any external reasons don’t affect the progress of our works and so far we are successful in this.

    Interior Decoration

    Our interior decoration professionals will assist the clients to get extra accessories and fittings to make the home look charming. We will pick the elements that best matches with the overall design of the house. We will also help you to rearrange your furniture pieces and other elements if you bring additional items apart from the ones in the design.
    Interior decoration will also include choosing additional lighting, fittings, fixings and other small things. We will also help you choose the best artwork for your walls and get the best frames that go well with the rest of the design.

    Handling the Key

    Completing the entire work, we give the key to the client. We ensure that the client is completely happy with our work. Our happiness is in seeing our clients happy in our works.
    Contact us today if you need to build that spectacular home in your budget