How to Babyproof Your Home – 10 Rules to Make Your Home Safe for Kids

We need to take care of lots of things when a baby is born into our family.

Our lifestyle and habits change as the baby grows.

But how far do we actually try to make the interior environment of our home safe and friendly to our kids?

When you do the interior design or interior renovation of your home, you should not focus only on making the home beautiful and visually appealing. You should also try to make it functional and safe.

Interior design for homes is not just about making it look beautiful; it’s more about making a safe and functional living space.

When the baby is in its infancy stage, we have control over the situation. But when they start to toddling, managing the kid becomes out of our control. We will have to be very precautious they will reach all the places at home and would invite dangers.

From sharp objects to medicine and from water to electricity, everything becomes a potential danger to our babies in their curious journey to explore their surrounding.

However, following the recommended safety measures will help us to avoid impending dangers to our family and make kids-friendly homes. Here is a list of a few of them which you will definitely find useful.


1. Choose Rounded Furniture

When the kids walk or run around the home, they are more likely to bump into the furniture. In such cases, furniture items with sharp edges may cause more severe injury than the rounded furniture would do.

2. Choose Non-toxic Paints

Most paints, particularly anti-fungal paints, contain toxic elements which can cause serious health issues to anyone, especially vulnerable kids. So, choose paints with less toxic elements and low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission for the interior of your home. Consult with an interior designer or anyone with authority to give advice on this before you choose the paint.


3. Keep Medicines and Other Chemicals out of Reach

All of us are already well aware of this and practicing this, but it is included in the list to emphasize the importance. You should also ensure the appliances, sharp objects and any other dangerous thing is far away from the reach of your kids.


4. Avoid Electrocution Chances

You need to think about all the chances your kids can get in contact with the electricity and identify every potential electricity accident sources. Kids are curious and may insert metal objects into the sockets which would cause fatal injury.

Shockproof switches and child-proof sockets are available in the market which can be helpful to a great extent.  There are different safety measures you can take, but it would take another article to talk about them. You can do your own research and find the best solutions that work for your house.


5. Avoid the Circumstances for Drowning

Kids love water, it’s sparkly and fun to play with. But it is also deadly.

If you have inflatable baby swim pools or bathtubs in your home, never leave your kids alone anywhere nearby that. Similarly, you should also keep them drained, so kids don’t get into it when you are not there.


6. Avoid Furniture Items that May Fall Off


Babies would grab furniture, move it, shake them or try to climb on them. Tall furniture may fall down in this kind of situations and cause accidents. So, it’s better to remove such furniture from your home or to position them sturdy so they won’t fall off.


7. Vacuum Your Rooms Regularly

Kids try to eat anything they find. So, you need to ensure that there are no deadly objects like small nails, screws or other sharp metal or chemical pieces on the floor, table or anywhere kids can reach. Vacuuming the rooms regularly will help you remove such items that you may not notice.


8. Don’t Keep Heavy or Sharp Objects on Top of Furniture or Counter Top

Even if you keep objects above 8 feet from the floor, kids may try to reach into it by using chairs or tables. Or sometimes, the objects on top of furniture may fall off while kids move or shake the furniture.


9. Buy Baby-proof Area Rugs

The area rug in your living room is a warm and comfortable playground for your kids. It is great to have one in your home because it is less dangerous to fall into the area rug than the hard floor. Moreover, the rug will also be warm compared to the bare floor.

The area rug should be sticky, so they don’t slip. Moreover, you should also ensure that fibers or threads won’t fall which might get into the body of kids.


10. Lock Your Toilet Lid

Kids may get into or put their heads and fall into the toilet when they see it open. So, you need to keep the lid locked so the babies can’t open it.