Best Home Improvements for Resale

Putting up a home for resale can be a daunting task as so many factors need to be taken into consideration. Having decided on selling the house, it is crucial that some improvements need to be made so that the property is sold out like a hot cake. Trying to sell a house in a ‘as is where is’ condition will not fetch a good price and owner might get stuck with the property for a long time. Well, interior design experts suggest that a home renovation would do the trick to ensure the resale is done quickly.

Here are some home improvement ideas to increase the value of a property:

Bathroom remodelling:
Buyers of a property wouldn’t want to use to same bathroom fittings as the previous owner had. A brand new bath tub, wash basin, and commode would be an attractive addition for the new buyer. Also consider having the bathroom titles cleaned if it is not possible to replace it. A fresh coat of paint should work wonders as well. If you’ve installed shower curtains and doors, have it removed so that the place looks more spacious.

Kitchen remodelling:
Most kitchens are smudged with dust and grime which go unnoticed by the owners of the property. But when a prospective buyer inspects the property, every such minute detail will not go missed. Therefore, the kitchen, which is considered the heart of a home, should be clean. Having the kitchen cleaned, with some basic remodelling done, will increase the chances of selling the property soon.

When a property is put up for sale, owners neglect their gardens. But, what most property owners fail to realise is that landscaping gives a facelift to the property and will attract prospective buyers instantaneously. In fact, landscaping wouldn’t cost much if you consider removing the shrubbery and over-grown plants. Making the pathway more accessible is a key factor here.

Get the exteriors done:
The first impression is the best impression. Yes, get the exteriors done to make your property look attractive. You could start off with a fresh coat of paint. Also run a thorough check to see if the wooden railings, gates and other fixtures are in good shape. All this will increase the value of the property several notches up.

Plumbing and electrical repairs:
Get the minor plumbing and electrical work done before a prospective buyer comes in to inspect the property. Buyers wouldn’t want to deal with such issues when paying a huge price for the property.

Remove the clutter:
It is imperative that you free up the clutter on the property to give it a more spacious look. After all, every inch counts and the buyers are looking to use up all the space provided effectively. Removing the clutter in a room would make the rooms appear bigger. Moreover, a neat and clean house gives a positive impression.

Buying a house is a massive investment every individual makes. When trying to zero in on a property, most prospective buyers would look for features that suit their budget and tastes. Therefore, while putting up a house for resale, the sellers should consider all the factors that would fetch them a good price.

Different Types of Interior Floor Finishes

In Interior designing and home renovation, floor finishes plays a key role. The sheen of the floor finishes must last long and look afresh as the days pass by. The essentiality of the floor finishing starts from the selection of right material. Interior designing is evolving a lot, so is the floor finishes. Currently, there are different kinds of flooring materials are available in India including Vitrified Tiles, Marbles, Granites, Impregnated Italian Marble design in various substrates ( specially in tiles) , Vinyl flooring, etc.

Tiles available in the market place has various hues and colors. In the latest vitrified tiles, colors and choices are aplenty. Thus it fulfills the look and feel of the surface. In marbles various color options are available. This really satiate the longing of the users such as rich look and elegance. Granites are quality proved for the longevity and sheen. The repro impregnated tiles are available with the sheen. It will fulfill the aspirations of creative designers to design their colorful designs, thus gives an out of the world look  for the flooring. Vinyl flooring, is very economical and easy to fix and offers the budget conscious designers to opt for this essential flooring alternative. Vinyl flooring is also available in various colors thus giving an opportunity to choose the best suited colors for interiors.

Psychedelic mood swinging real-time floor finishes is the rage of the present generation and it has taken the consumers and interior designing industry by storm. The real-time experience soothes the senses of the individual. Though in the nascent stage this floor finish will rule the roast in the industry. Apart from these materials,  lots of new flooring options are adopted by the interior designers to suit clients needs and requirements.

One has to keep the merits and demerits of floor finishes before choosing them. Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Marbles, Repro-Impregnated Italian Marble designs if fixed by the crafty work force will give an elegant and rich look. It is easy to fix and even skirting can be matched by proper execution. Vinyl flooring on the other hand is just fixing of the vinyl in an aligned way with the help of adhesive. Vinyl floor fixing is fast and less cumbersome and very easy to use too. All these floor finishes come out in various colors and even longevity of the sheen is also attainable. Few are easy to keep up and clean.

While on the demerits aspects Tiles are prone to break while fixing. The material wastage in fixation is unavoidable. Even marbles are brittle in nature too while transporting. Few tiles and Italian designed marbles on passage of time will lose its sheen and accumulation of dust causes a lot of hardship in the cleaning process.

Floor finishes are essentials of  fine living and it is here to stay. The ability of renowned interior designer will come handy while choosing the correct floor finishes, since it is the reflection of the grandeur.

The Water Garden

While most of us want beautiful, lavish and luxurious gardens, in today’s era of apartment living, the concept of having a beautiful, comfortable, lavish and luxurious outdoor garden is somewhat a dream. However, if you are lucky enough to have space and land, you will be amazed to see how patches of green can be transformed into a pleasant living space.


When To Start
People generally invest a lot of time and energy in designing home interiors, it is important to keep in mind that the same holds true for the outdoors as well. Ideally, the same principles that guide your room set up inside should guide your designs outside, too.
What one should look at while creating an outdoor ambience it to bring in the five elements to a balance, something that is not just beautiful to look at but also has a positive effect on the health and well-being of its inhabitants. In tandem with its principle, a garden which is a key outdoor feature should not only make your home stand out, but also be designed in a way to emit positive energy.

Keep In Mind
Before designing a garden, identify the kind of garden you want – a kitchen garden, a water garden, a regular garden, etc. But the one trend that is fast emerging into a style statement is the water garden. Since gardens involve patience and meticulous planning, start small, maybe with a flower bed. It is best to wait and watch while designing an outdoor landscape.

Step Forward
One can opt for any water feature as a perfect add-on depending on your garden space. It keeps the energy flowing and prevents it from being ‘locked’. Flowing water can ease tensions and allow the vibrations of the life force to enter us and nourish our aura. The placement of the water feature is very important aspect as it influences the size and structure of the water feature and the impact it creates. Ideally, a water feature should be placed in an area that gets exposure to direct sunlight. It would be better to avoid areas with trees as the leaves can make cleaning the water feature a daunting task.

Pool Magic
If you have space and want to strike the right balance, then building a pool is a great idea, according to Vaastu. A pool with the latest features is a great choice to bring in freshness to the outdoor living space. If done right, it can add to the style quotient of the entire house. Planning your pool begins with your vision of the outdoor space. We believe that the possibilities are endless, provided the right pool builder is involved at the onset. Gone are the days when people desired were simple water bodies; now pools come with hydrotherapy systems along with spa loungers, apart from the good-old Jacuzzi

Build Right
A well-designed and properly constructed pool requires maintenance. In case a landscape designer is involved and plants in the poll periphery are thoughtfully considered, one may not even need to fish out debris like leaves, flowers etc. All you need is a pool builder who understands fluid dynamics. He should thoughtfully choose the right kind of equipment keeping in mind the volume of water. This will assure that there won’t be need to empty the pool or change the water. Complicated maintenance procedures are not needed and in fact it’s fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain a properly done up pool. At the end, a meticulous selection of lighting can transform your garden and pool into a therapeutic environment.

Ideas To Improvise Your Bedroom

Here we bring to you a few ideas that could spruce up your bedroom. Being a top interior designer in Chennai we have a plethora of ideas with us. To make the list cleaner we have listed a few ideas here. Contact us for further ideas.

Interior Design Ideas for Bedroom

A wall mount nightstand preserves floor space for a furry friend. Hang fabric covered cork and magnetic boards above it to create a place for memorabilia.

Remove a drawer from a bedside a bedside dresser to create an open shelf for books. Hide a charging station in one of the remaining drawers.

Create a headboard with stylish storage by combining old drawers in a unique design that suits your space.

Vintage suitcases offer creative storage for extra sheets and off season clothing. Or put more traditional storage containers to use.

If you need extra storage space, add bed pockets – tuck between the mattress and box spring – to keep things like remote controls.

Add seamless storage to bedrooms with containers that you can slide under the bed.

Avoid a last minute scramble before guests arrive by setting up a full-time home for guests’ supplies. A dresser drawer works perfectly.

Select a nightstand that matches your nightly habits. If you read a lot in bed, opt for a nightstand with a shelf for books so they don’t pile up on top.

Piles accumulate either because things don’t have a designated space or because they do have a home but it takes too much time to put them there. The solution is simple: store them neatly in an easy-to-access box until it’s time for a monthly purge.

Create a window seat by topping storage cubbyholes with a cushion. Baskets, tucked inside the bench, can house toys and books.


Indoor house plants that purifies air



Air purifying indoor house plants can give your lungs a much needed breather from pollutants that include harmful fumes emitted from home appliances like refrigerators , air-conditioners, musty carpets, enclosed spaces, damp walls, etc. The pores on the leaves of these plants help absorb all those harmful toxins.

Rubber Plant
It is a slow growing tree and does not need direct sunlight. It works well as an indoor plant. An avenue littered with rubber trees will give you shade as well as absorb toxins in the atmosphere.

Areca Palm
Areca palm can be grown in the pots or directly in the ground. It releases moisture and absorbs formaldehyde and benzene present in the air. Spray the leaves with water from time to time to keep them clean.

English Ivy
This one is both a vine and a ground covering plant. Although it doesn’t need direct light, it certainly values moist walls. This is an excellent plant for landscaping, with cinder rocks as the base. It lends a cottage like look when grown on the wall. If you live in the drier plains, you need to water it through summer.

Gerbera Daisy
The seeds of this bushy plant should be sown in November. The soil for the pot should be porous and enriched with organic manure. It starts flowering in early January and flowers profusely.

This plant can work in a pot or as a ground cover. You can also grow it in a water bottle; it will grow slowly with trailing roots in water. Its leaves are heart shaped and when in water it has the tendency to climb but requires support. This one of the popular plants in apartment indoor gardens.

For more suggestions contact us.

Kitchen Cabinets Lend Your Kitchen An Organized Look

Kitchen cabinets are definitely the building blocks of any kitchen. Have a look at our Modular Kitchen Gallery to get an idea of how kitchen cabinets besides being functional, help in enhancing the overall ambience as well.

When considering kitchen cabinets, certain aspects should be kept in mind. Firstly, without the right number of cabinets, storing items such as dishes, silverware and food items would be impossible. Then, you must be clear on the size of the cabinets. If you are looking for resurfacing existing cabinets, then you would want to stay with the existing size of cabinets. This option will not only be easy on your pockets, but will also be less time consuming. On the contrary, if you want to increase the size of your cabinets, you will have to make sure you have enough space to install a larger size cabinet. Enlisted below are the different types of cabinets you may want to choose from.

Face frame cabinets or Traditional cabinets

These cabinets consist of a frame that covers the edges of the cabinet box. Hinges are sometimes visible from the outside. The doors and drawers are either recessed into the frame of the cabinet or partially insert into the cabinet with a lip on the outer edge.

Frameless or European cabinets

These cabinets are ideal when cabinet space is smaller. The divider and its edges are covered by a straightened strip of veneer with the doors and drawers mounted to the inside of the cabinet. The hinges of these cabinets are usually hidden. You can also opt for glass door cabinets instead of solid doors.

Open shelving, which is making its way into many kitchens, is also a good option. This storage though has a downside as dust can accumulate on the products, making regular cleaning mandatory.

If you want your cabinets to have a decorative look you can also go for raised panel doors. With the advancement in technology, remote-operated cabinets or cabinets that have LED lights for visual convenience are also catching on. Warm and cool drawers are also gaining popularity, if one wants to do away with a bulky refrigerator.

You can add a distinctive appeal to cabinet designs by constructing your pieces using different types of woods such as pine, cherry, oak, poplar, alder maple, hickory and birch. For cabinets, cherry, maple and birch are considered to be the most suitable. However, alder and poplar are pocket-friendly options.

Cabinet hardware like knobs add to the beauty of the cabinets. The first and foremost feature while selecting your pulls should be the easy-to-hold ability. You can choose from an array of hardware materials to complement your cabinet’s style.

These products make strong visual statements that invariably catch the eyes of your visitors. Being a top interior designer in Chennai we never compromise with quality we always use and recommend brands such as Ebco, Hafele, Ozone Overseas, Fisher & Paykel, Sleek World and Hacker which offer an array of options to help you make the right choice and spruce up your kitchen.

Choosing the right Water Closet

water closet

Homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on selecting the right kind of bathtubs, washbasins, faucets, shower panels and accessories to spruce up their bathroom decor, but tend to ignore a good sanitary arrangement. While water closets are available in a variety of models, designs and shapes there are some factors you need to keep in mind while making your purchase. Always look for the models having a glossy finish and smooth surface. Watch out for patchy, dull spots or pinholes in sanitary items. With the variety to choose from, water closets should be matched with the color and style of your bathroom design.  Although white is the most popular choice as it is a neutral color, sanitary ware models are available in other colors as well.

Being one of the oldest interior designers in Chennai we have seen how the trends have changed and how the flavors of Chennai people have changed over the years, mostly due to western influence.  With our expertise in the field of interior design and home renovation we take these two features as the most important consideration while choosing a WC for our clients.

Primarily, there are two types of water closets single flush and dual flush models. Single flush models are more common, but dual flush types are gaining traction these days. The single flush toilets, as the name suggests, have a single flushing mechanism and use the same amount of water for all types of waste. In dual flush model, there are two flushing mechanisms that allow you to choose the quantity of water that are being flushed, depending upon the kind of waste being disposed.

Toilet commodes come in two shapes i.e. elongated and round. Elongated toilet bowls are great option, if you have the space. In fact, many toilets are fitted with this commode shape. But for tighter quarters, a round toilet is the better option due to its space-saving dimensions.

Most toilets for the home are either one-piece or two-piece models. In the one-piece model, the tank and the bowl are fused together. These have an awkward shape and may cost more; however, they are easy-to-clean and look stylish. Two-piece toilets, with a separate tank and bowl are more common.

The distance between the floor drain and the wall, known as rough in, is an essential factor to consider while selecting your toilet. The standard distance is 12 inches. Nowadays, toilets come with water saving technologies and other conveniences to help to conserve water.

For correct installation, accurate measurements should be taken of the area where you plan to install the WC. Thereafter, when cleaning your sanitary ware, use the best cleaning products as abrasive or strong chemicals can damage the surface, making them lose their shine and lead to a rough surface.

With so many options available, make a discerning choice while purchasing a water closet. After all, this is likely to be a one-time investment.  For more info on choosing the right WC contact us.