Interior Design Tricks to Transform your House

Home designing need not be a daunting experience. It is all about choosing the right things and arranging them the way that works best for each home. Each home and the requirements of the people are different and what works for one room may not work for others.

However, there are some universal tricks in interior designing that would work for most of the houses. Here are a few clever interior decorating ideas from us to makeover over your house.

Trial and Error Method

There are lots of things to consider while positioning various furnishings in a room. If you are not familiar with the strategies, you can rearrange them in different ways and see what works for you.

Fix Mirrors on Wall

A mirror is a great option in decoration for several reasons and it is the first go if you are looking for how to decorate home in low budget. Mirrors reflect light and extend the view. This helps to make the room look brighter and spacious. It can add dimension to the area. You can buy designer mirrors from the local store or antique shops. A designer mirror can also function as a decorative item in the room.

The mirror should be fixed in a way that doesn’t reflect unpleasant views, doors, bed, or cluttered view of the room.

Light shades of paints for Walls

Lighter shades of paints can make a room look bigger. If you think that your rooms are small and feel like stuffed, try a white or other light color paints on the walls and roof. It can make a difference. White color can make the room look airy and give the best results if you are looking for how to soften a modern living room.

Long Curtains for the Window

Buy a long curtain for the window and the bottom of the curtain should touch the floor. A long curtain can make the room appear taller. Moreover, the curtain should wider enough to keep the folds even they are drawn (closed).

Bring Nature Indoor

If you don’t know how to bring warmth into the room, fix a couple of beautiful plants inside the room. It can bring the warmth of nature into your house and it is also a great way to decorate your house. An indoor garden can make the space refreshing and calming. You can place them in the corners in a pot.

Accent Lighting

Use some lighting to attract attention towards beautiful objects. You can use LED strips or pointing lights for this. This should attract the attention of people towards something important.  These kinds of lighting are is called accent lighting which is one of the three types of lighting in interior design. Colored LED strips under the cabinets on the wall and computer table is exquisite.

Sofa Arrangement

Your sofa and seats should be arranged in grouping convenient for conversation.  They can be arranged in U shape or H shape to encourage conversations with better intimacy.

So many people keep their sofa close to the wall thinking that it would save some space. Actually, this is not the case. There should be space on the backside of the sofa and this makes the room appear larger.

However, this doesn’t always work. In smaller rooms, it will be a good idea to keep one sofa pushed all the way against the sofa.

Floating Cabinet on the Wall above Furniture

If you have any furniture close to the wall, you can fix a floating storage cabinet or bookshelf on that wall above 6 feet. This helps you to save space because that space was already occupied and it doesn’t cost you any extra space for the new cabinet or shelf.

Layer your lighting

Make use of 3-layer lighting strategy for the better lighting of the house. You need ambient lighting for the general lighting of the space, task lighting for particular tasks like reading and accent lighting for highlighting particular elements in the room and attract attention towards it.

Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is a modern of kitchen interior design. It is both aesthetically appealing and space savvy. IKEA kitchen is a popular nowadays. It is expensive and if you have the budget, you can go for this. IKEA kitchens worth the money and make the kitchens clutter free and beautiful.

A modular kitchen would have plenty of storage cabinets to keep your things and it would make the kitchen space less cluttered.

Accent Wall

You don’t have to paint the same color for all four wall of a room. It would be exciting if you paint a different color or give texture on one wall. While you choose a texture it is important to choose a texture where you can’t find a pattern in the pattern.

Transparent Furniture

Transparent furniture won’t block lights and hence it will not make the room darker. This is a good for small studio houses. You can choose transparent chairs and dining table. It will give an airy feeling to the rooms.

Avoid Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture takes lots of space and it is not a good option for small houses. You should select compact and lightweight furniture to save space and avoid making the room darker.

Old Items Makeover

If you have any old furniture or antique item that is faded or full of scratches paint it and give a makeover for that. You can add some additional decorations to it if you want.

Room Divider

A room divider is a cool way to divide a room into sections. You can use a small open shelf to separate the bed and computer area in your room.

Window seat

You can make a small window seat near the windows that gives the beautiful views of outside. An ideal width of the seat is 2-feet and you can have a couple of pillows on the window seat if you want. You can also add some storage space below the seat and keep some books there.

Use of Similar Patterns

You can use pillows covers, window curtains and carpets with same patterns. Sometimes, repetition can add beauty.

Mix up Elements

Don’t be afraid to keep cheap items with expensive and old items with new. It reflects the personality your personality and tastes. Looking at them, your guests can get a sense of your tastes and what is important to you. However, while you arrange them you should consider the holistic effect.

Choose Comfortable Objects

While purchasing the furniture or other items, you should also consider your comforts along with the trend and style. Furniture has particular functions and it should be well fit for that.

Avoid Leather Sofa

You should avoid purchasing a leather sofa if you allow your dog sit on them. The claws of your pet can make scratches on it and it will be difficult to dust off all the furs on it. There are pet-friendly couches and sofas in the market available and you should opt that.

Types of Interior Design Finishes

It is not an easy job to choose one from the different options for the laminate finishes of your wardrobes and storage cabinets. There are many kinds of finishes for cupboards and closets.

The finish you choose for these elements would have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the design.

There are many different things to take into consideration while deciding the laminate finish. Interior designers in Chennai recommend varieties of materials for the laminate finishes. However, you should consider your taste, budget, durability and the nature of your or your kids’ behavior.

There are many choices available in the market, and it becomes difficult to choose one. Here is a list of popular laminate finishes with a detailed description.

Based on the appearances and materials, these finishes can be classified in many different ways. For example, they can be divided based on whether the finish is matte or glossy or natural or engineered. There many different types in between them.

While glossy laminate finishes look great for the modular kitchen, it is not generally used for wardrobes and closets.


Acrylic Finish

It is a reflective and high-gloss finish suitable for kitchen cabinets. This finish gives the surface a smooth appearance and is available in different colors. Acrylic finishing is expensive, and it is ideal for high-end kitchens. The reflective glossiness of the Acrylic finish gives the kitchen an elegant appearance and modern style. That is why this is used for modular kitchens in modern houses.


High-gloss Laminate Finish

It is an alternative for Acrylic finishes and gives a high-gloss and reflective surface and. It is cheaper than Acrylic and has a low maintenance cost.


Matte Laminate Finish

Personally, I prefer matter laminate finishes. This kind of finishes will not be glossy and reflective. However, the texture of the finish is warm and inviting. Matte finishes are available in all sorts of colors and patterns and made of different materials. It is suitable for all kinds of requirements.


Stain Finishes

It is the best option if you love the natural feel of real wood. A kind of stain is sprayed over the surface after finishing it with the sandpaper. The stain is then wiped with the hand which will create a pattern and grain of natural wood. This finishing is durable and beautiful. Stain finishes are suitable for both wardrobes and cabinets.


Paint Finishes

Paint finishing gives the opportunity to choose any color for your wardrobe or cabinet. Your favorite color can be painted as the topcoat after a first coat. Paint finishes are suitable for both cabinets and closets.


Glaze Coating

A semi-transparent paint can be applied over the stained finish or paint finish to give it more depth and make it glazing. While glaze coating is used to add the beauty of the cabinets, it is not usually used for cabinets.


PU Finish

PU Finish is available in low-gloss, satin, and high-gloss finishes. PU paints painted over the MDF boards would have a royal look finish. PU finish helps you to keep your cabinets looking new for years, and it got extended durability. This paint is a kind of plastic sealing, and hardly anything can penetrate it, and so it is resistant to water and chemicals.

There are oil-based, and water-based PU finishes available, and the water-based PU is not recommended for kitchen cabinets because it can’t handle heat as oil-based PU can. Water-based PU is used for bookshelves and wardrobes.


Veneer Finish

The closest material to solid wood among the various finishes is veneer. It is made of thin layers of natural wood, and it gives the warmth of wood to a small extent. It comes in a variety of designs and color shades. However, Veneer is prone to scratches, and you will have to re-polish the surface to keep its shining.


PVS Foil

This kind of finishing is achieved by pressing PVS foils on the MDF board’s surface. There are scratch-resistant and semi-gloss finishes available in this segment in a wide range of colors and shades.


Solid Wood

Solid woods give the warmth and feel of natural wood. It is costly and has several demerits since it is not a chemically engineered product.

Everyone loves the warmth of natural wood, but it has its demerits. Solid wood might expand or shrink based on the changes in the temperature or humidity which may cause small problems. Moreover, it is expensive and difficult to clean. Still, some people use solid wood for cabinets and wardrobes.


Membrane Finish

Membrane finish is suitable for both cabinets and wardrobes, and it looks like solid wood. One can get a smooth finish by using membrane foil wrapped around MDF. There are varieties of patterns and colors in matt finish. They are very soft to touch and easy to clean. Membrane foils are water resistant it has a long lifespan. It is the best option if you want the look of solid wood but doesn’t want to use it for any reason.


Varnish Finish

Varnish is a transparent and hard solution that can be applied to wood to give it a glossy finish. Along with the glossy finish, varnish also creates a protective film around the wood which prevents the wood from decaying due to the water or UV rays.


Lacquer Finish

It is an incredibly intense gloss finish which is durable and resistant to damage. The solution is applied using a sprayer, and that is why it gets its high-glossiness. Although most of the Lacquer finishes are high-gloss, it is available in satin and matte finishes also.


Leather Finish

The leather finish also becomes favorite for wardrobes and cabinets. The warmth of leather is inviting, and it won’t have the sharp edges and corners. It will be great for closets in contemporary houses. It would be great if there are some decorations on the surface above the leather.

These are few common types of finishes for cabinets and wardrobes. While you are determining the finish, you will have to consider the style of your general interior design of the house. You cannot have a glossy acrylic finish for the cabinets in a kitchen with traditional design.



How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

The average size of an apartment in Chennai is decreasing each year, like in most of the cities in the world. The scarcity of land and growing demand for houses increase the price apartments and average people are forced to be content with small homes. The lack of space has its own difficulties since we don’t have enough space to bring necessary furniture and other items. However, interior decorators in Chennai use several strategies to make their clients’ room look bigger without compromising any facilities or necessary furniture or other items.

White Colors for the Walls and Ceiling

While the darker colors absorb lights and make the room cozy, lighter colors reflect the lights and make the room look airy. Due to this, using white color or similar tones in a room will make it appear larger. If you don’t like the white color, you can try light greens and light blues. These are cool colors and will give a similar effect.

Same Color for Everything

Choose furniture, fittings and curtains etc. with different shades of the color of the wall. It is important to choose lighter shades. This reduces the contrast and blends different elements.  The eyes would flow through the elements since there is no contrast in the colors. The color is an important factor in interior design and it can be used for several purposes.

Clean Your Windows and Let More Lights in the Rooms

The brighter a room, the spacious it would look. Moreover, a window takes your vision outside the house which prevents the people from noticing the tine size of the room. There are many other tricks to make the room brighter. We will discuss them later.

Clean the windows inside and outside using glass cleaners. If you have vinegar in your home, that can also be used to clean the window.

Avoid Hiding the Floor with Bulky Furniture

If you are looking for tips on how to make a living room bigger and brighter, don’t buy bulky or thick furniture. Bulky and heavy furniture takes more visual space because it hides a huge part of the floor and makes the room cozy. You can use sofas and tables with naked legs or exposed legs which make the room look more open. Moreover, furniture with exposed legs passes light between the legs which make the room brighter. As I said before, a brighter room looks spacious. Boxy sofas and chairs take lots of space.

However, you can buy a boxy sofa if it has additional functions like storage spaces because that save you space in a different way.

Hidden Storages

You can install some storages and cabinets in the hidden places to keep your things. If things are not organized properly the room will be cluttered and it will make the room appear smaller. Storages help you to keep things neat and tidy.

Breathing Space for the Sofa

If you have your sofa touching the wall, pull it a little away from the wall and give a little breathing space behind it. If you keep the sofa like this, there will be shadows falling on to the wall which adds depth to the room size.

Highlight the Corners

If the attention of people is drawn to the corners of the room, the room will appear bigger. You can put a floor standing light or tall bookshelves in the corners to attract attention towards corners. Additionally, you can use accent elements with brighter colors to attract attention towards the corners.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can reflect the light and extend the views. This can make the room appear brighter and bigger. You can use one bigger mirror or several small mirrors grouped together. You have to be strategic while placing the mirror to give a maximum extension of the view.

Multipurpose Items

While you purchase furniture or other items, get things that have two benefits. This way you can reduce the number of items in your rooms. This helps you keep the rooms uncluttered which is important to not make the room look smaller.

Hanging or Floating Shelves near the Ceiling

A hanging or floating shelf near the ceiling can draw the view of people upward which would make the room appear larger because they won’t notice the lack of free space in the room. It is better if the shelf doesn’t have a door. This has dual benefits. This gives you more storage space and it works as an accent element if you put some books or other items which can attract the attention of the people towards.

Large Couch instead of Sofa with Multiple Pieces

In small living rooms, multiple small pieces sofa makes the room cluttered. Instead of this, you can choose a large sofa. It has its own demerits like difficulty to move. However, it is a great option when t comes to saving space and making a small room appear bigger.

This strategy works for other elements too. Lots of small pieces would make the room cluttered if it is smaller. The bigger is better if it can replace multiple small pieces.

Leave Your Windows Uncovered

Keeping the curtains of the window uncovered would give more depth to the room. If you think this is not going to affect your privacy, you can keep it uncovered and you can always cover it when you want. As I said above, windows will take your views outside which extends the vision and brings more light into the room. This helps you to keep your room brighter and spacious.

Transparent Items

You can buy transparent chairs and tables which take less visual space and pass the light. If furniture or other items takes less visual space, the room looks less stuffed. In the market, there are dining tables and console tables made of glasses.

Foldable Furniture

There are so many brands selling foldable or stackable furniture item. You can unfold it when you want to use it and fold it after the use. When it is folded it doesn’t take much space.

Table Mate is a popular foldable table in India. You can slide it under the sofa or in the closet when it is folded. This is easy to carry and can be used for various different purposes.

Strips on the floor

If you are thinking how to make a narrow room appear bigger, you can have contrasting strips on the floor in the narrow dimension. The strips draw the eyes and it will appear longer. It would be better if the strips are thinner.

These are a few strategies you can use to make a small room appear bigger. All tricks may not work for you but inspirations from these points and try to apply this while you design or decorate your home.

Importance of color in interior design

One of the fundamental, basic and easiest ways to transform any room is the use of colors.

You may already know that color has psychological effects and that is why certain colors evoke certain moods but what if I say you that colors can have effects on your bodies. It’s true. There are lots of studies proving the physiological and psychological effects of colors.

Interior designers in Chennai tell that there are many factors to consider while deciding the due to the importance of colors in interior design psychology. A color can be used to set a mood for an area. A white or very light shades of blue or green is required to create a peaceful atmosphere. That is why you can’t see red or yellow walls in a hospital.

Psychological Effects of Color

You might have noticed, most of the fast food restaurants use bright red or orange colors. It is proved that red color can increase our pulse and induce appetite. People will have a desire to eat when they see a restaurant in red or similar color and that is why restaurants use red or other bright warm colors.

Now you know the importance of color scheme in interior design. The color of the interiors should be decided based on the ambiance, mood and emotion you want for an area.

How to Pick the Best Colors for the Interior

Commercial buildings, retail shops, restaurants, coffee-shops and residential buildings have different colors of schemes that would work. The color scheme is determined based on the character you want to have for the building.

When it comes to residential buildings, there are different styles of architecture and interior designing. This also determines the color scheme for interior designing.

For example, warm colors like red, maroon and brown would be great for the interiors of a traditional house. When it comes to a modern building, it needs white or lighter shades of the cool colors. If you don’t know what cool and warm colors are, you can check the graphic below.

                                             Simple Color Wheel Explaining Cool and Warm Colors


While you decide the colors for your interiors, you also need to pick a shade for these colors. All shades of the same color are not the same. Bright and dark red are red but they are not the same. A color can have different variations it is determined by it saturation and lightness.

Color has three properties: Hue, Lightness, and Saturation.

Hue is color like red, blue and green.

Lightness is the brightness of the color. A color with less light looks dark and dull while a color with high lightness looks bright.

Saturation is the intensity the hue is. The same color may have different saturation and based on that the intensity of the color change. Based on the lightness, the color becomes white, black or gray based when the saturation is decreased.

The character of the color change when the lightness and saturation are modified.

                 The  Graphic Of Color Wheel Which Shows Lightness And Saturation


If you are interested to know how to make use of color wheels in interior design, you can do the following.

Choose complementary colors for contrast and drama.

Choose different shades of the same color for monochromatic.

For more information and make color palettes, you can visit:

There are many practical aspects to consider while picking the colors

Light Colors for Small Houses

Small apartments lack space and so it would look stuffed even with basic furniture items in the rooms. Painting the walls and ceiling with white color or lighter shades of green or blue can make the rooms look appear larger. Lighter colors can expand the boundaries of space and the rooms get more depth.

A ceiling with a darker color would make the room appear like it has less height.

The objects in the lighter colors have less visual weight while darker colors make objects appear heavier.

Moreover, white colors reflect light and the room will look brighter. A room appears bigger if it brighter also.

Therefore, lighter colors are a great way to make a small room appear larger and less cluttered.

Remember, all these are visual illusions and it has nothing to the physical space of the room.

Cool Colors for Relaxing

Lighter shades of cool colors like blue and green can make the rooms appear cooler and so it is good if you want to make a room suitable for relaxing and calming. Therefore, these colors are great for bedrooms.

Yellow for Joyful

Yellow color can make a sense of warmth and well-being and is associated with happiness and optimism. This color is great for living rooms where you spent time with your family. However, bright yellow is not recommended. Yellow makes people cheerful and energetic. Moreover, it improves the mood of people, makes them forget their troubles and encourage conversation.

The yellow color is also good for exercise rooms or gyms.

Color Scheme for Contemporary Architecture

White, gray, black and soft shades of green and blue are generally good options for modern and minimalistic interiors. Use of different shades of gray can enhance the style and if it is used with soft shades of any other color. The atmosphere has a neutral and formal mood.

Color Scheme for Traditional Style

The rich tones of brown, red, golden etc. are generally used for houses with traditional design. Deep shades of the warm colors and colors of trees, soil and other natural elements associated with tradition would be best options when it comes to the interior design of traditional houses. White and light shades of cool colors would be weird if you want to keep a traditional feel in the interiors.

Classic Royal Style

A classic house requires rich colors to amplify the personality of the house. Colors like golden, yellow, purple and dark grays would be great options for classic luxury homes. A house with royal style can have wooden colors, brown and darker shades of red and in the color palette.

These are few importance things that you should consider while picking the colors for your interiors. Along with the colors of paint and items in the room, it is also important to consider the lighting. The tint of the lighting shouldn’t be contradictory to the color you want for your interiors.

Types of False Ceiling

A false ceiling can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. Some people prefer to fix concealed LED strips between the false ceiling and actual ceiling which would transform the room into a new level. This is also called drop ceiling or suspended ceiling because it is hanged under the roof slab supported by rods suspending down from the roof.

Benefits of False Ceiling

The primary function of a false ceiling is the decoration of the room. A beautifully designed false ceiling can enhance the overall appearance of the room. Lighting frames, LEDs, and other small materials can be fixed under them to make it more beautiful.

It conceals any ugly electric wires or other material beneath the roof slab.

A false ceiling can be designed in any texture you want which is helpful to add a personality or style to the room.

Moreover, a false ceiling can reduce the height of the room if you think the height is too much. That is why the false ceiling is not recommended for small houses because it can make the room smaller.

Additionally, a false ceiling helps to reduce the capacity size of the AC because it reduces the size of the room.

False Ceiling Materials

Types of the false ceiling would vary based on the weather of the area and style of the architecture. The common types of false ceiling include gypsum ceiling, synthetic leather ceiling, glass false ceiling, Thermocol ceiling, wooden ceiling, metal ceiling and PVC ceiling. Each of these ceilings has its own pros and cons. You would have to use particular material if you want particular style.

Therefore, it is important to have an idea of what do you want before you choose the type of false ceiling. You can browse through Pinterest or Instagram for to get inspirations and ideas.

What Type is good for you?

Probably you already know different types of the false ceiling but don’t know why you should prefer one over another. You need to be aware of the pros and cons of each of these false ceiling, in order to make an informed decision; so here is a detailed description of different kinds of false ceiling.

Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum comes as boards or tiles and it can be cut and shaped based on our design. This material is light-weight and it made the job installing a false ceiling easier. The gypsum tiles or boards are supported by iron framework hanged down from the actual ceiling. It has become increasingly popular because it is relatively cheaper and we can make any design we want using this.

This material is fire resistant which makes this one of the safest materials for ceiling and it is used for interior finishing in regions like North America where fire resistant safety measures are strict. Additionally, this material is soundproof which helps you to get more privacy and freedom from outdoor disturbances.

Since gypsum can be decorated and refinished easily, this is also used to construct walls and partitions. Gypsum is strong, durable and economic which make it the best option for false ceiling.

However, gypsum ceiling is not free of demerits. This material might be damaged when exposed to extreme heat. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep things like heating appliances, electric lights producing a huge amount of heat adjacent to the gypsum.

Additionally, water or continuous presence of small moisture can also damage the gypsum ceiling.

These are not highly problematic because both of these adverse situations can be easily avoided.

Plaster of Paris

This material made by heating gypsum at 150-degree Celsius and then mixing a plastic powder with water. Plaster of Paris (POP) is very popular in construction as well as sculpting art because it can be molded and carved easily. The durability of the POP is almost same as gypsum.

While gypsum board available as sheets, POP boards are made at the construction site. Since this made locally, there will not visible joints in the POP finishing. We can achieve even complex designs and textures using this material because it is easy to sculpt. The finishing of the POP boards can be made smoother than gypsum boards.

Laborers make the POP boards at your home using the raw materials which may make your room messy for a while. Moreover, this process takes time and you will need more days to complete the construction.

Metal Ceiling

Aluminum and galvanized iron are the most commonly used metals for the false ceiling in residential properties. This material is cheaper and light-weight. The metal sheets are attached to the panel hanging down from the roof. The surface of the metal false ceiling would be shiny and reflective.


This is extremely light-weight and one of the cheapest materials for false ceiling. Fiber is a sound-proof material which makes it useful to reduce the noise in the room. This kind of ceiling is used in large halls of the companies and offices where noise can be a big problem.

Fiber false ceilings come in a variety of designs and textures and they are easy to install. However, this can’t be molded or shaped like we could do with POP or gypsum.


Although it is not attractive as POP or gypsum, it is highly popular because it is cheaper, water-proof and durable. This material is suitable for any kind of weather and doesn’t require much maintenance. Some low-quality PVC sheets may produce toxic gases in small amounts.


A wooden false ceiling would be a great option for houses with traditional style. The pattern and texture of the wood gives an elegant appearance to the room and add the style to the room. Plywood is also used instead of solid wood for false ceiling.

Wood is a natural and material and so it may warp based on the difference in temperature in different seasons. This may create unpleasant finishes after some time. However, there are people preferring wooden ceiling even they know it may warp over time.

A false ceiling has both functional aesthetic benefits which made it a popular trend. The material you would choose for false ceiling should be based on the style of architecture and other requirements.

For example, if your house has a traditional style, a metal or fiber false ceiling would be weird. POP or gypsum painted with matching colors would be a great way to add personality to a traditional house. Houses in contemporary style can choose any of these materials; however, gypsum and POP is the best if you would have the budget.

Budget Interior Designers in Chennai

Interior designing is a necessity for any house whether it is a small 2BHK apartment or a large mansion. Every house has different requirements of interior designing and it may vary based on the nature of family members, budget and the size of the house.

We are one of the top budget interior designers in Chennai and we can offer our service at affordable rates. We will help you to renovate your interiors or convert new apartments into a ready to occupy condition. We can create a friendly environment for your family to lead a quality life. We can help you achieve unique and stylish interior.

Interior Designers in Chennai for Small Houses

Interior designing is not for large and luxury houses only. We believe every property needs interior designing to make the best use of the space and create an appropriate interior environment.

The old attitude towards interior designing as something extravagant is fading away slowly. People in Chennai now consider interior designing as a necessity regardless of the size of the house. We are an affordable interior design company in Chennai helping people to do interior designing in low budget.

Moreover, the average size of the houses in Chennai is decreasing gradually. It becomes important for the house owners to use the space intelligently in order to include maximum utilities without stuffing the house.

The biggest nightmare of the owners of a small house is the inability to bring necessary furniture due to the lack of space. If you are worried about that we can help you. You no longer have to worry that you can’t have all your favorite utilities in your place. We know amazing tricks to include maximum functionalities in small places.

Interior Designers in Chennai for Flats

The architecture of flats is not designed to meet the particular requirements of the occupants and therefore interior designing become compulsory. They are designed based on the common requirements.

Flats in a building would be identical and it is the interior designing which should give a unique personality to a flat. We can help you personalize your flats based on your tastes and unique requirements.

We have talented professionals in our team to improve the quality of the space.

Affordable Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is one of the most popular trends in interior designing currently. It makes the kitchen both beautiful and user-friendly at the same time. People love the elegant look and amazing functionality of the modular kitchen.

Unfortunately, the modular kitchen is quite expensive and people on a budget can’t afford that. However, we can help you achieve the look, feel and functionality of the modular kitchen in less expense.

We got some amazing ideas to replicate modular kitchen at affordable rates. We use cheap finishing materials and imitate the look of PU finishing. We also give emphasis to give a beautiful appearance to the cabinets.


In budget interior designing, we recommend vitrified tiles for flooring instead of expensive marbles or granites. Vitrified tiles are less expensive and available in plenty of designs. Light color tiles are great for small houses because it can brighten up the room and create the illusion of more space. We also do vinyl flooring which is far less expensive though it is not quite common in Chennai.

Interior Design Chennai Cost in Chennai

We use materials and products based on the unique requirements of the house owners and therefore it is impossible to have a fixed price for the service. On an average, the cost of complete interior designing for a 2 BHK flat in Chennai is around 2 Lakh. This would include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes a few additional storages, and decoration of bathrooms, living room and bedrooms.

Interior design packages in Chennai are highly flexible. The projects would vary based on many factors. Some house owners would only want interior designing for the kitchen or while some others want a decoration for the entire house.

The interior design cost per square foot in Chennai would vary based on the material you would choose. Marble and granite are expensive than vitrified tiles and vinyl flooring. The labor cost for the marble flooring is higher than granite flooring. Unlike other services, the cost of interior designing can only be estimated after considering the requirements.

Interior Designing Quote

If you let us know your requirements we can give you a quote with a draft estimate. We would create the estimate based on the factors like the end products, materials you want to use, and the labor charge.

Affordable Materials

We have years of experience in this field and we know how to reduce cost without compromising the quality. The technology has matured and now we get quality materials at affordable rates. We would recommend the best materials based on your requirements and budget.

We use durable and affordable materials that would last long for decades. We take various measures to save your initial cost and maintenance cost. Cheap materials but not durable will save you some initial costs but you would have to replace it later. For example, while the material cost of both marble and granite are almost same, the marble would have higher labor cost.

When it comes to the interior design finishes , PU finishes for the wardrobes and cabinets would look nice but they are expensive. For interior designing on a controlled budget, we would use veneer or PVC finishes. These materials look great and are affordable at the same time.

Multi-purpose Furniture

We can save your money by helping you to choose furniture with multiple purposes. This kind of items would give you two uses at the price of one. These objects can be converted into different furniture items and used for different purposes. For example, you can have sofa cum bed and can be used as sofa and bed. This would make your life in the small apartment a lot easier.

Multi-purpose furniture also helps you to save space in your home. You don’t have to buy multiple objects when you can use a single object for multiple purposes.

Interior designing is an art and it can be done in both expensive and affordable ways. We can help you optimize your house for better living at an affordable rate. We offer our services at affordable rates and you can find Zenith Interior on the top in the list of interior designers in Chennai providing affordable interior designing services.

Indoor Gardens for Apartments

One of the greatest concerns of urban dwellers living in the boxy apartments is the lack of vegetation and greenery in the concrete forests they live. It’s possible for those who have a love for plants or gardens to go out and visit some parks or farms to see some greenery.

However, it’s not a clever solution because you can’t be there all the time. A smart solution would be bringing greenery into the indoors. Since apartment owners don’t have outdoor space to grow plants and flowers, indoor gardens for the apartment would be the best choice to bring greenery into the life. A mini garden inside the house can bring freshness to the house.


Benefits of Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens in the apartments can benefit the occupants in many ways. Planting herbs and managing them can be a great hobby for those who have a love for gardening. Apart from that, indoor gardens can also be used to decorate the house as well us to make a healthy environment in the house.


Interior Decoration

Plants and greenery is a great way to decorate a space. It brings the warmth of nature to the house and makes the house more welcoming. It can be used to decorate the wall and windowsill. Flower plants can brighten up your rooms. Windowsills, corners, and tables are great places to keep flower pots.


Health Benefits

Plants can improve the air quality by fileting toxins like ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde from the air. Purification of the air makes the indoor healthier and

Weeping figs and date palms are some indoor plants for that purify air and you can use such plants to build a health-friendly environment inside the house.


How to Make Indoor Garden in Apartments

Space is a big concern for an average apartment. Sometimes we compromise buying the most wanted utilities fearing it may clutter up the small rooms. When it comes to apartments, space is limited and hence valuable. The thought of garden as something that would take up lots of space in your small apartment may pull back you from your longing to have an indoor garden.

Don’t worry guys. Here we got some fabulous indoor garden ideas to make mini garden inside the house without taking much space. There are proven smart ways to make decorative gardens inside houses.

You should not forget to check the instructions at the bottom to get some tips and not make any common mistakes in the indoor gardening.


Apartment Gardening for Beginners

You can get either seeds or sprouts from the nursery or supermarket and plant them in containers. The best plants for beginners would be herbs like mint and basil.

You can also ask your friends or relatives for sprouts if they have gardens. You can also ask for their help and their advice would be a great help if you don’t have any previous experience in gardening.

The best spot to keep your plants would be your windowsills that get direct sunlight at least for a couple of hours. You can place some small pots of flowers or small herbs there. It is the easiest way to make an indoor garden in apartments. You won’t have to struggle hard to make them grow when there is sufficient sunlight.

You can use containers like pots, tubs, tin, and buckets to grow your herbs and keep them on a flat surface. This is the easiest way for beginners in gardening. All you have to do is find some good types of herbs and get their seeds. Fill the containers with the composite soil and place the seed in there.


Suspended Gardening

You don’t have to keep the plants always on the floor. There are many ways to keep the containers hanged in a room. This kind of gardening is called suspended gardening. It opens lots of creative ways to decorate a room. We can use plastic cola bottles, glass bottles and similar containers as the planter for suspended gardening. Hanging gardens or suspended gardens have many possibilities and it would be the best choice if you are thinking about how to make the indoor garden unique.

Seeing the photos, you may think it is hard to make suspended gardening but it is not that difficult. You can find thousands of DIY videos on YouTube related to suspended gardening. You can watch them for an inspiration.


Tips for Indoor Gardening

Flower plants require sunlight more than other plants do. Therefore place them on the windowsills which get better sunlight.
Small plants don’t look great when there is only one. It would be nice if you could place a bunch of small plants together because that would look lovely.
If you couldn’t get good soil for the gardening, you can get it from the nurseries. Soils perfect for container gardening are available in the market.
Shifting the positions of plants regularly is not recommended. Doing so may cause a sudden and random difference in the sunlight, humidity and other factors which are important for the plants. These sudden changes may affect the growth of plants.
When it is required to trim some leaves from the plant, always trim the bottom leaves. This increases the speed of growth.


Instructions for Apartment Gardening

You should make sure if the plants you choose are good for indoor gardening. Some plants or herbs may go wild and may create a mess.
Use pots and containers with the perfect size and shape for each type of plants. Some plants’ roots go deep and hence they would need a deeper container. Some other plants especially herbs need large surface area and don’t need a deep container.
Every plant needs at least a couple hours good sunlight. Find spots that get sunlight and fix your plants there.
Fill the containers with good composite soils.
Scatter the seeds in equal distances in the soil.
Water your plants regularly.
The containers or pots with less depth are more likely to dry fast. Never let them dry out.
Don’t over water your seeds. Deep pots are more likely to keep the wetness for a longer time. Therefore, check the soil in deep pots and if the soil is moist, don’t water it until it is dry.
Use a small claw to aerate the surface soil in the pot.
While aerating the soil with the claw, ensure that it doesn’t disturb the roots too much.



The lack of space in your apartment is not going to stop you from making an indoor garden for your apartment. Container gardening is the greatest way to achieve. When it comes to the indoor garden decoration, creative suspended gardening can transform the look and feel of the house.