Top 6 Interior Design Trends in India for 2018 that You Can Try Today

The trends in interior designing change rapidly and it can be challenging to keep up with the changing trends if you don’t pay key attention to the industry. Unfortunately, you may not have the time for that if you are very keen on the interior design.

So, we have curated some of the best interior design trends in 2018 that that will give you the ideas for the interior design of your new home or the next interior renovation of your home.


#1 Black and Dark Gray Colors

The latest interior design trend all over the world show that black and dark gray colors are taking over the word of interior design. From furniture to accessories to and from frame objects to the walls, darker colors are now used more than ever before. Some of the best places you can use black or darker grays are the small table in your living room, frames of artworks or photographs on the wall, body of fixtures, fittings and other accessories, and chairs with upholstery, etc.


#2 Dark Gray Matte Paint for Bedroom Walls

The use of matte paint is a characteristic of contemporary design. If you are planning to use the matte paint, the best color is black or darker gray. It can give a strong character to the interior.

It can be a little difficult to clean the dust from the wall due to the rough surface of the wall. Therefore, the best place to use the paint is your bedrooms ad it is not recommended for living rooms.


#3 Wallpapers

The Victorian style of using wallpapers on the wall is also a significant trend in 2018. It is a great way to add a character to the interior and drama to the life. The wallpapers with patterns, whether it is subtle or strong, can create unique sensations in the people living there.

After a long time, wallpaper has come back in the interior design. Unlike in western countries, wallpaper is primarily used in luxury living spaces to create the elegance.


#4 Textured Painting

Textured painting is very helpful to create a unique look and mood for your home. The depth of the textures itself is a point of attraction and something that a character to the home.

Popular textures include mosaic and rugged style. They can give the room a look of industrial style.


#5 Revival of Curves and Smooth Edges

The sharp edge and lines were one of the main characteristics of modern interior design as opposed to the curves and smooth edges in traditional interior design. When we see the interior design trends in 2018, we see many interior designers use furniture pieces with round shapes and curves.

It seems that people are tired of the design with straight lines and rectangles and they began to prefer more organic shapes. You can also think about buying coffee tables, dining tables, couches, and other items with organic shapes.


#6 Modular Kitchen

Although modular kitchen has been here for a long time, it has never been popular than it is now. Apart from the aesthetic aspects, the functionalities and comfort of the modular kitchen have promoted people to try them.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is a result of our quest for kitchens are that are better organized, cleaner, easier to work in and beautiful. It has several benefits compared to its older counterparts. If you haven’t still built a modular kitchen, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in building one in your home.


#1 Better Storage

The shelves, cabinets and drawers in a modular kitchen provide ample space to store all your crockery and other kitchen items.

The modular kitchen model effectively tackles the issues of corners. It utilizes the corner effectively and you can have storage space there too.

Since you have ample storage facility available, you will never have to worry about not having space for keeping your things. Moreover, you don’t have to avoid buying your favorite crockery items fearing more items would clutter up your kitchen. You can now buy all the accessories and items you always wanted to buy and you will have enough space in your kitchen to keep it organized.


#2 Makes Kitchen More Beautiful

Over the years, kitchen has become a source of our pride. We began to value the house and the family based on their kitchen. Having a beautiful kitchen has become important to make good impression among the neighbors and other acquaintances.

The best way to make a kitchen beautiful is modular kitchen. Its clean and elegant appearance can make any kitchen aesthetically appealing.


#3 Makes Kitchens More Clean and Neat 

We all want our kitchen to look neat and clean always but that is not all the time. Our less organized kitchen with appliances and other items over there makes kitchen a mess.

If you ever wanted a permanent solution for your messy and cluttered kitchen, modular kitchen can be your best option.  Since it is well organized, it can make your kitchen look cleaner and neater. You will have well specified areas to do each task and storage areas to keep your things.

Apart from that, your appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, mixer and grinder will have proper place in a modular kitchen so your kitchen will never look cluttered again.


#4 Personalized the Kitchen

The biggest advantage of modular kitchen is scalable. You can add or remove modules of shelves or cabins easily. So, you can customize your kitchen at a very quickly without much work. You can remove cabinets on one wall or add it later if you want.

Apart from that, when it comes to the color and sheen (shining) of the cabinets and storages, you have plenty of options. You can go for a high-gloss or matte finish with your favorite color.


#5 Space Savvy

The efficient use of the space is another biggest advantage of modular kitchen. The cabinets of the modular kitchen would smoothly fit into the nooks and corners of the kitchen. It is really helpful if the kitchen is really small. The cabinets on the wall above the head also help us to avoid keeping items on the way we walk around. It gives more free space in the kitchen.



These are a few reasons you must have a modular kitchen for your home. Remember, the kitchen has become a status symbol and it is a major factor in the impression of your guests about you. Get an interior designer in your today itself to transform your kitchen for the better.


accent lighting technique

Top 5 Creative Accent Lighting Techniques for Your Home

Accent lighting is one of the creative ways to improve the look and feel of your rooms. There is a wide range of accent lightings available on the market, so you have lots of options. In this article, we discuss some creative ways you can use accent lighting to improve the interior design of your home.

#1 Light up What Do You Want to Highlight

Lighting up the elements we want to be focused on is the primary function of accent lighting. The small and highlighted accent light in the room will definitely capture the attention of people, and their focus is automatically attracted to it. It helps us to prevent people from noticing the other imperfections in our rooms.

#2 Try Backlighting and Uplighting to Give Halo Effect for Element

The backlighting and uplighting different elements in your is a great way to make them attractive. You might have noticed a false ceiling with uplighting catches your attention and set a mood for the room.

Similarly, you can try backlighting for TV on the wall, showcases and other similar elements. It will give them an added presence and glamorous effect. Backlighting also works great for computer desks.

You can turn off the lighting when don’t want them. For example, the halo lighting for TV will look fantastic when the TV is not in use, but it will be disturbing when you are watching the TV.

#3 Use Track Lighting for Better Flexibility

While some people adore track lighting, some others don’t like it. You can use the track lighting to light up a particular portion on your wall or ceiling. There will be multiple light sources attached to a track. The light source can be moved along the track and tilted. It gives a lot of flexibility to light any area we want.

Usually, track lighting is used to highlight the paintings on the wall. If you decide to change the position of the artworks or want to highlight other areas as well, you can quickly move the light sources along the track and tilt them to highlight the area you want.

#4 Use Wall Sconce Lighting to Set a Mood for Your Rooms

Sconce lighting is available for general as well as accent lighting. The accent lighting sconce is a great way to set a mood and emotion for your room. You can use them in your rooms based on your interior design style and the mood and feeling of the room.

They are available in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. It is better to avoid sconce lights that spread lights in the room because they wouldn’t look great when you want to use them as accent lighting.

#5 Use LED Strips

LED stripes are one of the easiest ways to install accent lighting in your room. The best thing about this is that you can install it by yourself without anyone’s help. The best way to use LED stripes is using it as backlighting for TV and desks and underlighting for beds.

These are some of the creative ways you can create accent lighting in your house. Please let us know if you have found any of the trick useful.

importance of kitchen design

Why You Need to Put More Focus on Kitchen Design

Your kitchen should be the primary focus when you do the interior design of your home. It has a significant place when it comes to the family life, especially in Indian context. Unfortunately, many of us don’t pay the due importance to the kitchen. In this article, I am going to show you why your kitchen should be your main focus during the interior design.


#1 Kitchen is Your Family Hub

For most of the Indian families, the kitchen is the hub in their home. Family members gather and spend time together mostly in the kitchen.

Even if the house has a great living room, it is not that much effective when it comes to spending quality time with the family. When they are in the living room, they would be watching TV which is not conversational. Considering the significance of the kitchen in family life, it is crucial to give due importance to your kitchen design.

How to Make Kitchen Family-friendly

You should everything you can to make your kitchen family-friendly. There is no  TV creating a hintrance to the conversation and so it is the best place  for family time. Here is a couple ways you can achieve it.

Use Kitchen Island

The best way to make a kitchen family-friendly is using a kitchen island. It will give plenty of space for the family members to sit simply or be part of the cooking process.

The kitchen island will provide extra countertop space for a few people to work on. Therefore, it gives a reason for the family members to hang in the kitchen. When there is no space to sit or hang around or things to do, we may leave the kitchen. It is not a problem when you have a countertop.

Allocate more space to the Kitchen

When you build or choose a house, give preference to large kitchens. Many people prefer houses with a small kitchen, so other rooms get extra space. Actually, a smaller kitchen is a not suitable option for Indian lifestyle and family living. You need to allocate space for each room depending on its importance in your life and functionality.


#2 Kitchen is the Most Functional Area in a House

In most of the Indian families, the kitchen is the most functional area of the house. A housewife spends a considerable amount of her time in the kitchen preparing food.

Therefore, it is essential to make the kitchen easier for working.

A kitchen with a poor design would make cooking a boring or tiring which may gradually end up in hypertension and similar psycho diseases. Therefore, we should always give much importance to making the kitchen functional and efficient, so the cooking will be a nice experience.

How to Make Cooking a Great Experience

One thing you can do to make cooking a great experience is to include modern and innovative amenities in your kitchen. It would improve the confidence and make cooking more interesting.

Applying the kitchen work triangle theory in your kitchen layout is another way to improve the functionality of your kitchen.

There are more things you can do to make cooking in your kitchen a great experience. You can do whatever you think will work for you.


Final Words

You should never overlook the kitchen design because that is the most important thing you need to do during your interior design or renovation. It is your family hub, and it should be designed for promoting better family time.

Diagrams of 6 common kitchen layouts

Top 7 Types of Kitchen Layouts You Should Consider for Your Home

Choosing the best kitchen layout should be the most important priority when you do the interior designing for your home. It is the place where most of the actions in a house are happening, and so it should be well planned to make your life easier.

There are many different ways you can layout your kitchen but the best type of kitchen for your home would vary based on the following factors:

  • Size of the house and kitchen area
  • Size of the family
  • The types of amenities you want in your kitchen

Considering these factors will help you to determine the best type of kitchen for your family. You won’t need a G-shaped kitchen if you have a small family and

  • You don’t need to use lots of kitchen appliances
  • You don’t need to a lot of workspace in the countertop
  • You don’t need lots of cabinets because you don’t have that many items to store

Having said that, let’s explore the types of kitchens that are most commonly used.


#1 The One-Wall Kitchen

In the one -wall kitchen layout, you will have all your appliances, cabinets, countertops, oven/range against one wall.  As a result, you will have a very limited space to work on and store different things.

The one-wall kitchen layout is also known as straigt kitchen.

A one-wall kitchen layout is a great option for both large and luxurious kitchen as well as small kitchens.

When it comes to the small houses, a one-wall kitchen is a space saver. Only one wall occupied which gives plenty of free space on the other sides.

When it comes to the luxury homes, a one-wall kitchen is clean and elegant. The kitchen will not look cluttered with lots of cabinets, drawers, and appliances against all walls. It gives an elegant look to the luxury houses.


  • This layout doesn’t take much space. So, the kitchen gets more breathing space


  • Storage space is limited
  • The work area is limited
  • Not much area to keep appliances and

This is a good option for very small families that don’t cook much.

Since there is a lot of free space, you can keep a small dining table in a corner or island countertop in the center. It will give you the space for a quick meal or more space to work.


Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a free-standing cabinetry that is usually placed in the center of a kitchen. It provides a countertop and people can work from all around it since it is in the center. It also gives lots of storage space. You can build a kitchen island in your kitchen if you want but that is not recommended. Moveable kitchen islands are available in the market which are more convenient. So, it is better to choose them.



#2 The L-shaped Kitchen

L-shaped is one of the most commonly seen kitchen layouts. In this, the countertop is placed against two adjoining walls, so it creates an L shape.

Compared to the one-wall kitchen, an L shaped kitchen gives more space to work and more storage. The work zone will be very small in this layout which is very convenient.

One corner of the kitchen will be entirely free, and you can keep a small dining table or create another work area if you wish.

Alternatively, an island countertop will also work as an additional facility in an L shaped kitchen.


#3 The Parallel Kitchen

In parallel kitchen layout, you would place your countertop, appliances, and cabinets against two parallel or opposing walls.

Parallen kitchen layout is also known as galley kitchen.

The benefit of this layout is that you can divide the kitchen into the dry and the wet area. You can do all your washing and cooking on one side of the kitchen while the other side is dedicated to storage and appliances.

If you have an open kitchen, you can use an island countertop or table as a second wall which would make the kitchen more interesting.

This layout makes working in the kitchen a lot easier due to the small work zone where you can do most of your actions and tasks.


#4 The U-Shaped Kitchen

U shaped kitchen make use of three walls. This layout gives plenty of space to work and stores things. You may have wall cabinets on all three walls, and it is a lot of storage space.

You can bring as many appliances as you want and you will have space to keep everything well organized. You can also buy lots of kitchenware because you don’t have to worry about the space to store them.

Since most of the area in the kitchen will be occupied, there will be no space to keep dining table or create an additional work zone.


#5 The Island Kitchen

Island kitchen increases the functionality of a kitchen significantly. The island kitchen can be used for kitchen work as well as dining. People can work from all around the countertop which let multiple persons use it at the same time.

Moreover, it also provides a bunch of drawers and cabinets for storing things.


#6 The Peninsula Kitchen

In peninsula kitchen layout, you will have the moveable or fixed island attached to one wall so that it spate the kitchen from the rest of the house. You can access the island (now a peninsula) from three sides.

The island countertop separates the kitchen and the dining area.

One side will be inside the kitchen, another side is on the way to the kitchen from the rest of the house, and the fourth side will be inside the room that is adjacent to the kitchen (usually a dining area or living room).


#7 The G-shaped Kitchen

The G-shaped kitchen is a blend of peninsula kitchen as well as the U-shaped kitchen. You will have wall cabinets and appliances against all three walls on the kitchen. On the fourth side, you will have a countertop attached to one wall like in a peninsula kitchen. All you have to enter and exit the kitchen is a small passage in between the countertop and one wall.

G-shaped kitchen layout makes use of the available space to the maximum. You can have plenty of amenities and make your work a lot easier.

However, the breathing space in the kitchen will be very limited in a g-shaped kitchen.


Final Thoughts

These are the common types of kitchens, and you can choose one among these for your house as well. Remember, you should consider your needs and the size and dimension of the kitchen while you select one.

an image of beautiful interior designed without the help of a professional interior designer

How Can You Design Your Home without Hiring an Interior Designer

If you are a little creative and have the time to do research, you don’t need to hire a professional interior designer to design your interior. Actually, you need an interior designer only if you have to make structural changes in your house. All other things, you can decide by yourself.

The following actionable ideas on how to design a home without hiring an interior designer will help you to make your home look beautiful without any help from a professional interior designer.



#1 Research and Find Inspirations from Internet

The Internet is a vast ocean of information, and now you don’t have to struggle hard to find amazing ideas to design your interior. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram are really helpful to find interior design images and get inspiration.

These websites can have millions of images related to home interior designing. When you go through these photos, you will begin to form your own new ideas. This is the best way to do the design by yourself.


#2 Plan What You Want to Achieve

If you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, things will be easier. For example, you need wardrobes for your bedrooms with a distinctive style. Then you can check for cool ideas on wardrobes on the internet.


#3 Head on to IKEA

IKEA is a manufacturer and retailer of high-quality home accessories. You can even find modular furniture which you can assemble and disassemble quickly. IKEA is also known for the premium quality of its products.

You don’t need to hire a professional carpenter to create the desk or cabinets. You can get the parts of these kinds of furniture in the IKEA stores and assemble them by yourself.

Unfortunately, IKEA doesn’t have many stores in India and doesn’t provide e-commerce on their website. However, IKEA is selling thousands of items through

There you can find products like small floating shelves, wall shelves, drawer chest, etc. with excellent design and premium quality.


#4 Hiring Local Skilled Workers If Required

Some works like creating cabinets, desks or wardrobes may require professional help. If that is the case, it is better to hire local carpenters with expertise and experience in building them. Hiring a local skilled worker is less expensive than hiring an interior design and his/her team to execute the work.


#5 Choose Paint Color and Type

You will need to hire local painting workers for this. You can make intelligent decisions about the best color and type of paint for your interior by yourself. You don’t need the help of a professional for that. A half an hour read will give you the basic ideas to choose the best paint color and type for you.

Choose Paint Color

When you choose the color, you need to think about the color psychology. It is not rocket science which ordinary people can’t understand. Here are some of the basic rules for choosing the best colors.

  • Choose white, off-white or extremely light colors to brighten up a room
  • Choose soft and lighter shades of green or blue colors for the bedroom to give a cozy feeling
  • Kitchen and living room require vibrant colors to make you dynamic. So pick yellow, orange or similar colors.
  • Yellow can be great for the living room and choose red or orange for the kitchen.

As I always say, look for ideas on the internet and figure out what others do. If other interior designers use this, it should also work for you.

Choose Paint Finishing

Different paints will create different roughness and glossiness to the surface. You can categorize paints as matte, eggshell, low-gloss, and high-gloss based on their finishing or sheen.

  • Matte: extremely rough, hide imperfections on the wall and no reflection or glossiness, difficult to clean
  • High-gloss: Extremely glossy, smooth surface, highlight imperfections on the wall, easy to clean

Matte and high-gloss are two extremes. You can learn more about the different types of paint finishes or sheen for the interior in this article.


#6 Find Inspirations and Save them for Later Use

As I said earlier, Instagram and Pinterest are two great websites for that.

Under some photos, you can find the details of the material they used. You can mark the images that you like. Different websites have different methods to save images as favorites into our profile. On Pinterest, it is called “Pinning.” You can pin a photo by clicking the small heart icon on the top right left corner of any image you see on the website. This will be saved in your profile as your pinned photos.

After saving these photos, you can show them to retailers in your area or a local skilled worker.


#7 Install LED Strip Lights

If you think hidden LED strips spreading light from behind can enhance the mood and feel of any house. You can get a LED strips lights from local stores or purchase from websites like Amazon. There are extremely easy to use, and you wouldn’t need a carpenter to install them in most cases.

You can easily stick the LED light strips behind the desk and connect the wire into a plug point. There are different varieties of LED strips. Some LED strips have only one light while other can produce multiple lights. You can choose one based on your interests.

Apart from desks, you can also place the light under your bed or behind the TV. You will get more ideas on where to use LED strip lights from the internet.


#8 Get Window Curtains Matching with the Paint

You can walk into a local store and check online to find curtains for your windows that match with the paint color. The curtain should complement with the rest of the interior. You can again go online and find some inspirations for the curtains as well.

Get a Beautiful Couch or Sofa that Blends with the Design

A beautiful sofa or couch that blends with the overall design is a great way to decorate your home. There are different types of couches and find the one that best matches with your requirements. You should also consider the overall space of the living room while choosing the sofa.


#9 Artworks on Walls

You can hang a large artwork or arrange a collection of framed photographs on your wall to create a focal point. Find inspirations from online to group framed photographs on the wall.


#10 Throw Pillows and Area Rugs

Having an area rug in your living room and living room can transform the look and feel of a room. You can also get some throw pillows and use them as accent elements in different rooms.

These are some of the actionable ideas you can do in your home. If you go online and check websites like Pinterest, you can find tons of inspiration.


Final Thoughts

These ideas will help you to enhance the visual beauty of your home. However, this is not actual interior design. Interior design is about designing to spaces to improve the living experience and beautifying the home is only a part of that.


list of smart gadgets and devices for homes

Top 16 Smart Gadgets to Improve Your Home

There are thousands of innovative gadgets, appliances, and tools you can use in your home to make your life a lot easier and comfortable. Here we list of top 16 smart gadgets to improve your home. Each item in this list will improve the quality of your living and make your life more comfortable.
While you will need professional assistance to install some of the items in this list, you can use other items as it is.


Home Automation Gadgets

Smart home automation gadgets are its infancy. However, there are a lot of amazing home automation gadgets which will make your life a lot comfortable.

#1 Belkin Wemo Switch + Motion Sensor

Belkin Wemo Switch is a smart power outlet which you can turn and turn off using your phone. Basically, you can remotely control anything plugged into this outlet. The motion sensor along with this can be programmed to activate or deactivate the Belkin Wemo Switch if the sensor sense movements within 10 feet.

#2 Smart Voice Assistants

Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit/Siri, and Google Assistant/Home are some of the popular voice assistants in the market right now. You can control various gadgets, appliances, and equipment using these voice assistants. Each of these three voice assistants has their own pros and cons. Each of the can do unique things which can’t be done by using the others. Therefore, the best option might vary based on your needs and requirements.

#3 Smart Home Smoke Detector

There are different kinds of smoke detectors suitable for the home. In many countries, a smoke alarm or smoke detector is compulsory, but in India, we do not use it that much. A regular some alarms will make a big beep sound when it detects smoke inside the house. There are also smart smoke detectors which will send notifications to the mobile phones with the exact source or reason of smoke. It helps you to avoid panicking.

#4 Door Bell with Camera, Mic, and Speaker

Smart doorbells available in the market enable homeowners to see the face of people who are in front of the door and speak to them. This is a cooling device to secure your home.

#5 Smart Newborn Rocker

Parenting newborns can be super hard, but with smart gadgets like a smart newborn rocker, you can make your job a little easier. The newborn rocker with high tech features will enable to adjust the motion, music, sound, and vibration of the rocker using smartphones. This allows parents to change the motion of rocking or music depending on the requirement. This makes parenting newborn a lot easier.



Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in a house. Smart gadgets and latest appliances can make working in the kitchen a lot easier. Here is a list of a few cool gadgets you can buy for your kitchen.

#6 Smart Oven

The temperature of a smart oven can be controlled by a smartphone. Samsung Oven is one of the efficient smart ovens out there now. It has a divider which can be used where there is only one food item. This helps to reduce the area the oven has to heat. When you have two items, you can use both parts.

#7 Finger Scoop

This is a very simple but highly useful thing on your kitchen. Most of us a hard time to spread condiments like sauce, ketchup or jam on the food using knife or spoon. When it comes to the children, it is extremely difficult for them.
If you have a finger scoop in your kitchen, you and your young kids can take and spread sauce or jam on the food easily.

#8 Jar Opener

The struggling to open a struck jar is a familiar scene in every house. You no longer need to have a wrestling match with the jar to open it when it is struck. A handy jar-opener will help you to open any jar easily.

#9 Toaster/ Toast Maker

A toast maker at your home will make it easier and faster to make toasts. Even your pre-teen kids can use it prepare their breakfast. This will help you and your family members to make bread toasts anytime.

#10 Coffee Maker

A coffee machine or coffee maker makes it easier to brew your favorite coffee whenever you want. It doesn’t take much effort or time to brew a coffee using coffee maker or coffee machine. There are small coffee makers suitable for homes. This will be an excellent addition to your home.

#11 Water-saving Dishwasher

Water is very expensive in Chennai, and we need to spend it carefully. The water-saving dishwasher will save some water from the wash and use it for pre-rinsing the dishes during the next wash. This way, you can save up to 33% water during dishwashing.

#12 Silicone Lid for Pans that can be used in Microwave and Freezer

A silicone lid that can be used inside the freezer and the microwave will save tons of your plastic covers and aluminum foil. When you have the microwave safe silicone lid, you no longer need to close the pans using aluminum foil. It makes it easier to cover the pans. The silicone lid is reusable which will save your money in the long term.

#13 Spill-free Ice Cube Tray

Walking towards the freezer with an ice cube tray without spilling the water is not a big deal anymore. Now we have spill-free ice cube trays available in the market. Using this, you will never spill a drop of water from the tray again.


Other Awesome Gadgets and Tech for Your Home

There are thousands of products you can buy to make your life more comfortable. Here is a list of some more items you can try.

#14 Cooler Coffee Table

The smart coffee table with cooler is a great furniture item for the lazy people. You no longer have to get up from your couch and walk to the fridge to get your cola or beer. You can store them inside the cooler on the smart coffee table.
Smart coffee tables would require power. So you need to be well planned in the wiring if you want to buy a smart coffee table with cooler. Some smart coffee table also has power plugs which you can use to charge your phone and laptop. This will make your life a lot of comfortable.

#15 Remote Control Lights

If you don’t want to automate the lighting, the next best option would be remote control lights. The brightness levels and the colors of the bulbs can be changed using remote control. You can control all kinds of lighting including the ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Philips Hue is one of the popular products among remote control lights.

#16 Self-Dimming Bulb

A self-dimming bulb would work similar to a regular bulb. When the dimmer is activated, it will begin to fade away gradually. Some self-dimming lite fade out in 30+ minutes. This is to replicate the sunset. It will be a great way to take you to sleep slowly.
Some self-dimming lights have moonlight mode which will provide a dim light instead of completely turning off.


Final Words

Please let us know which item among these fascinated you most. Don’t forget to comment below if you have purchased any of these items.