Cool Japanese Zen Interior Design Tips to Make a Calm and Tranquil Home

Our busy lifestyle makes it increasingly difficult to find some tranquil and peace in our lives.

That is why  Zen interior design has become very popular these days to create a peaceful, calm and tranquil atmosphere in the homes. The home is a place where we come back to after the stressful day. So, we need a home that provides as the perfect atmosphere to have some peaceful time. The Zen interior design style is one of the solutions recommended and tried many people across the world.

Zen Interior Design

The basic principles of Zen interior design are harmony with nature, minimalism, and relaxation. The goal of Zen interior is to make the home suitable for relaxation and meditation. So, we can utilize the principles recommended in the Zen interior design to create a peaceful environment in our homes.

Zen is a variant of Buddhism, and it doesn’t have strict guidelines or style guide for the interior design. The practitioners of Zen have associated certain interior design values and styles with Zen lifestyle, and it became popularly known as Zen interior design.


Go Natural, Harmonize with Nature

The more natural elements you could bring inside the better. You should try your best to use objects made of natural elements. This is the best to harmonize with nature. Bamboo has a dominant element in the Japanese interiors, and it’s also true with the Zen.

It may not be possible for you to follow a Japanese style completely. So, what you can do is make some changes inspired by the Zen style. Here are a few things you can do.

  • Pick a window screen made of bamboo.
  • Go for solid wood or bamboo flooring.
  • You can add some small plants in your rooms that are culturally related to you.
  • Pick earthly colors like white, black and beige


Minimalism, Less is More

Zen interior design stands for simplicity. It avoids design elements or objects with lots of details and ornamentation.

We can also see that Zen style doesn’t appreciate a cluttered with lots of stuff. You need to arrange the rooms in a way to create maximum empty space, preferably at the center.


Go Low with Furniture

The level of most furniture pieces used in the Zen interior design is close to the ground. Chair, coffee table, and desk are just like planks on the floor and people would sit almost on the ground level. See the pictures below to get an idea.

Interior of a japanese home with Zen interior design style


Japanese have large windows to provide enough natural light to the interiors. They prefer soft and diffused light in its natural hue.

They use window screens to diffuse the direct sunlight and avoid elements in the rooms that would contaminate the natural hue of the sunlight.

How to Babyproof Your Home – 10 Rules to Make Your Home Safe for Kids

We need to take care of lots of things when a baby is born into our family.

Our lifestyle and habits change as the baby grows.

But how far do we actually try to make the interior environment of our home safe and friendly to our kids?

When you do the interior design or interior renovation of your home, you should not focus only on making the home beautiful and visually appealing. You should also try to make it functional and safe.

Interior design for homes is not just about making it look beautiful; it’s more about making a safe and functional living space.

When the baby is in its infancy stage, we have control over the situation. But when they start to toddling, managing the kid becomes out of our control. We will have to be very precautious they will reach all the places at home and would invite dangers.

From sharp objects to medicine and from water to electricity, everything becomes a potential danger to our babies in their curious journey to explore their surrounding.

However, following the recommended safety measures will help us to avoid impending dangers to our family and make kids-friendly homes. Here is a list of a few of them which you will definitely find useful.


1. Choose Rounded Furniture

When the kids walk or run around the home, they are more likely to bump into the furniture. In such cases, furniture items with sharp edges may cause more severe injury than the rounded furniture would do.

2. Choose Non-toxic Paints

Most paints, particularly anti-fungal paints, contain toxic elements which can cause serious health issues to anyone, especially vulnerable kids. So, choose paints with less toxic elements and low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission for the interior of your home. Consult with an interior designer or anyone with authority to give advice on this before you choose the paint.


3. Keep Medicines and Other Chemicals out of Reach

All of us are already well aware of this and practicing this, but it is included in the list to emphasize the importance. You should also ensure the appliances, sharp objects and any other dangerous thing is far away from the reach of your kids.


4. Avoid Electrocution Chances

You need to think about all the chances your kids can get in contact with the electricity and identify every potential electricity accident sources. Kids are curious and may insert metal objects into the sockets which would cause fatal injury.

Shockproof switches and child-proof sockets are available in the market which can be helpful to a great extent.  There are different safety measures you can take, but it would take another article to talk about them. You can do your own research and find the best solutions that work for your house.


5. Avoid the Circumstances for Drowning

Kids love water, it’s sparkly and fun to play with. But it is also deadly.

If you have inflatable baby swim pools or bathtubs in your home, never leave your kids alone anywhere nearby that. Similarly, you should also keep them drained, so kids don’t get into it when you are not there.


6. Avoid Furniture Items that May Fall Off


Babies would grab furniture, move it, shake them or try to climb on them. Tall furniture may fall down in this kind of situations and cause accidents. So, it’s better to remove such furniture from your home or to position them sturdy so they won’t fall off.


7. Vacuum Your Rooms Regularly

Kids try to eat anything they find. So, you need to ensure that there are no deadly objects like small nails, screws or other sharp metal or chemical pieces on the floor, table or anywhere kids can reach. Vacuuming the rooms regularly will help you remove such items that you may not notice.


8. Don’t Keep Heavy or Sharp Objects on Top of Furniture or Counter Top

Even if you keep objects above 8 feet from the floor, kids may try to reach into it by using chairs or tables. Or sometimes, the objects on top of furniture may fall off while kids move or shake the furniture.


9. Buy Baby-proof Area Rugs

The area rug in your living room is a warm and comfortable playground for your kids. It is great to have one in your home because it is less dangerous to fall into the area rug than the hard floor. Moreover, the rug will also be warm compared to the bare floor.

The area rug should be sticky, so they don’t slip. Moreover, you should also ensure that fibers or threads won’t fall which might get into the body of kids.


10. Lock Your Toilet Lid

Kids may get into or put their heads and fall into the toilet when they see it open. So, you need to keep the lid locked so the babies can’t open it.

Top 6 Interior Design Trends in India for 2018 that You Can Try Today

The trends in interior designing change rapidly and it can be challenging to keep up with the changing trends if you don’t pay key attention to the industry. Unfortunately, you may not have the time for that if you are very keen on the interior design.

So, we have curated some of the best interior design trends in 2018 that that will give you the ideas for the interior design of your new home or the next interior renovation of your home.


#1 Black and Dark Gray Colors

The latest interior design trend all over the world show that black and dark gray colors are taking over the word of interior design. From furniture to accessories to and from frame objects to the walls, darker colors are now used more than ever before. Some of the best places you can use black or darker grays are the small table in your living room, frames of artworks or photographs on the wall, body of fixtures, fittings and other accessories, and chairs with upholstery, etc.


#2 Dark Gray Matte Paint for Bedroom Walls

The use of matte paint is a characteristic of contemporary design. If you are planning to use the matte paint, the best color is black or darker gray. It can give a strong character to the interior.

It can be a little difficult to clean the dust from the wall due to the rough surface of the wall. Therefore, the best place to use the paint is your bedrooms ad it is not recommended for living rooms.


#3 Wallpapers

The Victorian style of using wallpapers on the wall is also a significant trend in 2018. It is a great way to add a character to the interior and drama to the life. The wallpapers with patterns, whether it is subtle or strong, can create unique sensations in the people living there.

After a long time, wallpaper has come back in the interior design. Unlike in western countries, wallpaper is primarily used in luxury living spaces to create the elegance.


#4 Textured Painting

Textured painting is very helpful to create a unique look and mood for your home. The depth of the textures itself is a point of attraction and something that a character to the home.

Popular textures include mosaic and rugged style. They can give the room a look of industrial style.


#5 Revival of Curves and Smooth Edges

The sharp edge and lines were one of the main characteristics of modern interior design as opposed to the curves and smooth edges in traditional interior design. When we see the interior design trends in 2018, we see many interior designers use furniture pieces with round shapes and curves.

It seems that people are tired of the design with straight lines and rectangles and they began to prefer more organic shapes. You can also think about buying coffee tables, dining tables, couches, and other items with organic shapes.


#6 Modular Kitchen

Although modular kitchen has been here for a long time, it has never been popular than it is now. Apart from the aesthetic aspects, the functionalities and comfort of the modular kitchen have promoted people to try them.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is a result of our quest for kitchens are that are better organized, cleaner, easier to work in and beautiful. It has several benefits compared to its older counterparts. If you haven’t still built a modular kitchen, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in building one in your home.


#1 Better Storage

The shelves, cabinets and drawers in a modular kitchen provide ample space to store all your crockery and other kitchen items.

The modular kitchen model effectively tackles the issues of corners. It utilizes the corner effectively and you can have storage space there too.

Since you have ample storage facility available, you will never have to worry about not having space for keeping your things. Moreover, you don’t have to avoid buying your favorite crockery items fearing more items would clutter up your kitchen. You can now buy all the accessories and items you always wanted to buy and you will have enough space in your kitchen to keep it organized.


#2 Makes Kitchen More Beautiful

Over the years, kitchen has become a source of our pride. We began to value the house and the family based on their kitchen. Having a beautiful kitchen has become important to make good impression among the neighbors and other acquaintances.

The best way to make a kitchen beautiful is modular kitchen. Its clean and elegant appearance can make any kitchen aesthetically appealing.


#3 Makes Kitchens More Clean and Neat 

We all want our kitchen to look neat and clean always but that is not all the time. Our less organized kitchen with appliances and other items over there makes kitchen a mess.

If you ever wanted a permanent solution for your messy and cluttered kitchen, modular kitchen can be your best option.  Since it is well organized, it can make your kitchen look cleaner and neater. You will have well specified areas to do each task and storage areas to keep your things.

Apart from that, your appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, mixer and grinder will have proper place in a modular kitchen so your kitchen will never look cluttered again.


#4 Personalized the Kitchen

The biggest advantage of modular kitchen is scalable. You can add or remove modules of shelves or cabins easily. So, you can customize your kitchen at a very quickly without much work. You can remove cabinets on one wall or add it later if you want.

Apart from that, when it comes to the color and sheen (shining) of the cabinets and storages, you have plenty of options. You can go for a high-gloss or matte finish with your favorite color.


#5 Space Savvy

The efficient use of the space is another biggest advantage of modular kitchen. The cabinets of the modular kitchen would smoothly fit into the nooks and corners of the kitchen. It is really helpful if the kitchen is really small. The cabinets on the wall above the head also help us to avoid keeping items on the way we walk around. It gives more free space in the kitchen.



These are a few reasons you must have a modular kitchen for your home. Remember, the kitchen has become a status symbol and it is a major factor in the impression of your guests about you. Get an interior designer in your today itself to transform your kitchen for the better.


accent lighting technique

Top 5 Creative Accent Lighting Techniques for Your Home

Accent lighting is one of the creative ways to improve the look and feel of your rooms. There is a wide range of accent lightings available on the market, so you have lots of options. In this article, we discuss some creative ways you can use accent lighting to improve the interior design of your home.

#1 Light up What Do You Want to Highlight

Lighting up the elements we want to be focused on is the primary function of accent lighting. The small and highlighted accent light in the room will definitely capture the attention of people, and their focus is automatically attracted to it. It helps us to prevent people from noticing the other imperfections in our rooms.

#2 Try Backlighting and Uplighting to Give Halo Effect for Element

The backlighting and uplighting different elements in your is a great way to make them attractive. You might have noticed a false ceiling with uplighting catches your attention and set a mood for the room.

Similarly, you can try backlighting for TV on the wall, showcases and other similar elements. It will give them an added presence and glamorous effect. Backlighting also works great for computer desks.

You can turn off the lighting when don’t want them. For example, the halo lighting for TV will look fantastic when the TV is not in use, but it will be disturbing when you are watching the TV.

#3 Use Track Lighting for Better Flexibility

While some people adore track lighting, some others don’t like it. You can use the track lighting to light up a particular portion on your wall or ceiling. There will be multiple light sources attached to a track. The light source can be moved along the track and tilted. It gives a lot of flexibility to light any area we want.

Usually, track lighting is used to highlight the paintings on the wall. If you decide to change the position of the artworks or want to highlight other areas as well, you can quickly move the light sources along the track and tilt them to highlight the area you want.

#4 Use Wall Sconce Lighting to Set a Mood for Your Rooms

Sconce lighting is available for general as well as accent lighting. The accent lighting sconce is a great way to set a mood and emotion for your room. You can use them in your rooms based on your interior design style and the mood and feeling of the room.

They are available in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. It is better to avoid sconce lights that spread lights in the room because they wouldn’t look great when you want to use them as accent lighting.

#5 Use LED Strips

LED stripes are one of the easiest ways to install accent lighting in your room. The best thing about this is that you can install it by yourself without anyone’s help. The best way to use LED stripes is using it as backlighting for TV and desks and underlighting for beds.

These are some of the creative ways you can create accent lighting in your house. Please let us know if you have found any of the trick useful.

importance of kitchen design

Why You Need to Put More Focus on Kitchen Design

Your kitchen should be the primary focus when you do the interior design of your home. It has a significant place when it comes to the family life, especially in Indian context. Unfortunately, many of us don’t pay the due importance to the kitchen. In this article, I am going to show you why your kitchen should be your main focus during the interior design.


#1 Kitchen is Your Family Hub

For most of the Indian families, the kitchen is the hub in their home. Family members gather and spend time together mostly in the kitchen.

Even if the house has a great living room, it is not that much effective when it comes to spending quality time with the family. When they are in the living room, they would be watching TV which is not conversational. Considering the significance of the kitchen in family life, it is crucial to give due importance to your kitchen design.

How to Make Kitchen Family-friendly

You should everything you can to make your kitchen family-friendly. There is no  TV creating a hintrance to the conversation and so it is the best place  for family time. Here is a couple ways you can achieve it.

Use Kitchen Island

The best way to make a kitchen family-friendly is using a kitchen island. It will give plenty of space for the family members to sit simply or be part of the cooking process.

The kitchen island will provide extra countertop space for a few people to work on. Therefore, it gives a reason for the family members to hang in the kitchen. When there is no space to sit or hang around or things to do, we may leave the kitchen. It is not a problem when you have a countertop.

Allocate more space to the Kitchen

When you build or choose a house, give preference to large kitchens. Many people prefer houses with a small kitchen, so other rooms get extra space. Actually, a smaller kitchen is a not suitable option for Indian lifestyle and family living. You need to allocate space for each room depending on its importance in your life and functionality.


#2 Kitchen is the Most Functional Area in a House

In most of the Indian families, the kitchen is the most functional area of the house. A housewife spends a considerable amount of her time in the kitchen preparing food.

Therefore, it is essential to make the kitchen easier for working.

A kitchen with a poor design would make cooking a boring or tiring which may gradually end up in hypertension and similar psycho diseases. Therefore, we should always give much importance to making the kitchen functional and efficient, so the cooking will be a nice experience.

How to Make Cooking a Great Experience

One thing you can do to make cooking a great experience is to include modern and innovative amenities in your kitchen. It would improve the confidence and make cooking more interesting.

Applying the kitchen work triangle theory in your kitchen layout is another way to improve the functionality of your kitchen.

There are more things you can do to make cooking in your kitchen a great experience. You can do whatever you think will work for you.


Final Words

You should never overlook the kitchen design because that is the most important thing you need to do during your interior design or renovation. It is your family hub, and it should be designed for promoting better family time.