It is not an easy job to choose one from the different options for the laminate finishes of your wardrobes and storage cabinets. There are many kinds of finishes for cabinets and wardrobes. 

The finish you choose for these elements would have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the design. 

There are many different things to take into consideration while deciding the laminate finish. Interior designers in Chennai recommend varieties of materials for the laminate finishes. However, you should consider your personal taste, budget, durability and the nature of your or your kids’ behavior. 

There are many choices available in the market and it becomes difficult to choose one. Here is a list of popular laminate finishes with a detailed description. 

Based on the appearances and materials, these finishes can be classified in many different ways. For example, they can be divided based on whether the finish is matte or glossy or natural or engineered. There many different types in between them.

While glossy laminate finishes look great for the modular kitchen, it is not generally used for wardrobes and closets. 


Acrylic Finish

This is a reflective and high-gloss finish suitable for kitchen cabinets. This finish gives the surface a smooth appearance and is available in different colors. Acrylic finishing is expensive and it is good for high-end kitchens. The reflective glossiness of the Acrylic finish gives the kitchen an elegant appearance and modern style. That is why this is used for modular kitchens in modern houses. 

High-gloss Laminate Finish

This is an alternative for Acrylic finishes and gives a high-gloss and reflective surface and. It is cheaper than Acrylic and has a low maintenance cost. 

Matte Laminate Finish

Personally, I prefer matter laminate finishes. This kind of finishes will not be glossy and reflective. However, the texture of the finish is warm and inviting. Matte finishes are available in all kinds of colors and patterns and made of different materials. It is good for all kinds of requirements. 


Stain Finishes

This is the best option if you love the natural feel of real wood. A kind of stain is sprayed over the surface after finishing it with the sandpaper. The stain is then wiped with the hand which will create a pattern and grain of natural wood. This finishing is durable and beautiful. Stain finishes are good for both wardrobes and cabinets. 

Paint Finishes

Paint finishing gives the opportunity to choose any color for your wardrobe or cabinet. Your favorite color can be painted as the topcoat after a primary coat. Paint finishes are good for both cabinets and wardrobes. 

Glaze Coating

A semi-transparent paint can be applied over the stained finish or paint finish to give it more depth and make it glazing. While glaze coating is used to add the beauty of the cabinets, it is not usually used for cabinets. 

PU Finish

PU Finish is available in low-gloss, satin and high-gloss finishes. PU paints painted over the MDF boards would have a royal look finish. PU finish helps you to keep your cabinets looking new for years and it got long durability. This paint is a kind of plastic sealing and hardly anything can penetrate it and so it is resistant to water and chemicals. 

There are oil-based and water-based PU finishes available and the water-based PU is not recommended for kitchen cabinets because it can’t handle heat as oil-based PU can. Water-based PU can be used for bookshelves and wardrobes. 

Veneer Finish

The closest material to solid wood among the various finishes is veneer. It is made of thin layers of natural wood and it gives the warmth of wood to a small extent. It comes in a variety of designs and color shades. However, Veneer is prone to scratches and you will have to re-polish the surface to keep its shining. 

PVS Foil

This kind of finishing is achieved by pressing PVS foils on the MDF board’s surface. There are scratch-resistant and semi-gloss finishes available in this segment in a wide range of colors and shades. 

Solid Wood

Solid woods give the warmth and feel of natural wood. This is really expensive and has several demerits since it is not a chemically engineered product. 

Everyone loves the warmth of natural wood but it has its own demerits. Solid wood might expand or shrink based on the changes in the temperature or humidity which may cause small problems. Moreover, it is expensive and difficult to clean. Still, there are people who use solid wood for cabinets and wardrobes. 

Membrane Finish

Membrane finish is good for both cabinets and wardrobes and it looks like solid wood. Membrane foil is wrapped around MDF and it gets a smooth finish. There are varieties of patterns and colors in matt finish. They are very smooth to touch and easy to clean. Membrane foils are water resistant it has a long lifespan. This is the best option if you want the look of solid wood but don’t want to use it for any reason. 

Varnish Finish

Varnish is a transparent and hard solution that can be applied to wood to give it a glossy finish. Along with the glossy finish, varnish also creates a protective film around the wood which prevents the wood from decaying due to the water or UV rays. 

Lacquer Finish

It is an extremely intense gloss finish which is durable and resistant to damage. The solution is applied using a sprayer and that is why it gets its high-glossiness. Although most of the Lacquer finishes are high-gloss, it is available in satin and matte finishes also. 

Leather Finish

The leather finish also becomes popular for wardrobes and cabinets. The warmth of leather is inviting and it won’t have the sharp edges and corners. This will be great for wardrobes in contemporary houses. It would be great if there are some decorations on the surface above the leather. 

These are few common types of finishes for cabinets and wardrobes. While you determining the finish, you will have to consider the style of your general interior design of the house. You cannot have a glossy acrylic finish for the cabinets in a kitchen with traditional design.