Case Study of an NRI client

Ms. Mythili, who is a Tamil expatriate in London, approached Zenith with a relatively challenging job. She wanted her two neighboring flats in Ceedeyes Apartments, Velachery to be merged into one by demolishing the wall between the two.

Ms. Mythili has a keen sense of design, and she knew what she wanted exactly. A client with unique requirements and bespoke ideas is a great friend for any interior designer. Ms. Mythili was precisely that for Zenith Interior.

Ms. Mythili needed a construction team with special expertise in demolishing walls without damaging the strength of the structure. This was not a problem at all. Our team is well equipped with highly skilled and experienced laborers and top-notch equipment. The team is supervised by 3 veteran architects and 5 experienced interior designers. We assured Ms. Mythili that her property would be safe in our hands.

She was also concerned that she was living in London and she didn’t have anyone in Chennai to supervise the work locally. Our promise was that she didn’t need anyone to supervise the work locally when you are with us. We guaranteed our dedicated site supervisors will be working on behalf of her.

Our chief executive Mr. Balasubramaniam handled Mythili’s project. He is the shepherd of our team who spearheads Zenith Interior. He is well known for his signature interior design works in Chennai.

Our designers and architects visited her site at Velachery and devised several ideas based on her requirements. Based on the ideas, we then created 3D plans. Ms. Mythili was impressed by the plans and chose one that, she thought, would be perfect for her requirements and lifestyle.

Communication was always the major concern of Ms. Mythili or any NRI client. But we were very confident since we had years of experience in managing NRI projects.

Since Mythili is a busy professional in London, she couldn’t come home so we could have face-to-face discussions over the design. So, we had to do the discussion over Skype and Email.

We made few changes in the 3D plans as per her request and sent it for approval. Ms. Mythili has a strong sense of color, design, and aesthetics. Her suggestions and requests really helped us to create a better plan for her.

Finalizing the 3D design, Ms. Mythili came India and picked the materials and accessories for the home. We offered her all assistance in finding the best materials and accessories.

Mythili came to Chennai for four days to finalize the materials for interior design. Upon landing here, we took Mythili to various showrooms and dealers in and around Chennai and assisted her to choose the following materials.

Furniture Pieces


Finalizing the design, our expert team under chief executive Mr. Balasubramaniam took over the site. We started the work by demolishing the wall that separated her two flats. We used cutting-edge technologies to demolish the structural element from the building without causing any shaking or juddering to the building.

We regularly updated Ms. Mythili on the progress of the work. We shared photos and videos of the works and assured that the work is progressing as per the plan. She seemed quite pleased with the prompt and timely communication.

We completed the work within the time we had agreed upon. Ms. Mythili was very content with our work as well as customer service. She was eager to see her newly refurbished home; we to see her reaction after being impressed by our work.

The project was completed when Ms. Mythili reached home again. All she did was turned the key, opened the doors and marvel at the amazing work we have done for her.

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She said that she was very happy about the way her home had turned out. We were also glad that our client liked our work and appreciated it. Here is what Ms. Mythili had said about us in Google

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QSN: Should an NRI visit India for an Interior designing project?
ANS: It is not required for an NRI to visit India, however he/she might visit India for selecting the finishes (Laminate, Veneer, e.t.c..,).

QSN: Through whom am I supposed to handover my house/flat to Zenith Interior in India?
ANS: Through the builder of your house/flat, relatives or friends.

QSN: How will I know about the progress of the work?
ANS: You will be updated with onsite pictures regularly.

QSN: What are the mode of payments accepted?

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