Laminate, Post form, Veneer, Membrane & Rubber wood.
Once the roof of your house is completed the designing work can be started. Whereas the original work will be started once the flooring and first coat of painting is done.
We would initially require the floor plan with dimensions or be able to take the measurements ourselves. We then give the clients an Initial floor plan and furniture drawings with an Estimatory Budget. Choice of materials and finishes can also be given. Based on the client’s inputs we change the material specification and finishes and in turn the cost.On approval of the drawings and quotation, our execution team will start the work. All the works executed would be handled by reliable supervisors.
Yes. We provide Turnkey Interior Solutions that include both the design and execution.
Normally, we provide the floor plan and the elevation drawings free of cost. However, the 3D drawings, lighting drawings are charged for.
We will be able to give a rough estimate based on the floor plan. However, to provide exact costing, we would require to know the materials used, finishes etc.
No, we do not charge for giving the initial Proposal.
Do you undertake Additional Works that are not in the Original Quotation?
It depends upon the design, quality of the material used and brands.
Yes, we generally use plywood with hardwood content in it. In cases where client requires, we can use branded plywood like Sharon, Greenply, Centuryply etc.., The hardware brands that we use are Hettich, EBCO, DORMA, Hafele.
We give a Guarantee for a Period of 5 years and promise to rectify any fault arising out of faulty workmanship at our cost. However the guarantee does not hold good for mishandling and breakable items. How is it possible ?
Since we use materials that are not only mechanically strong and are also time tested for durability and also because our workman are experienced we can confidently offer the Guarantee.
No. As a rule, we do not take labour contracts.
Most of the works will be done at site. However, the modular furniture, Initial cutting and laminating of ply for cupboards etc will be done at our place.
We normally take an advance of 40% and the next 40-50% in 2-3 parts depending on the progress. The final 10% is collected after completion.

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