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Basics of Color in Interior Design

It is not a rocket science but common sense to not paint a bedroom, where you want to relax and calm, with a strong vibrant color like red or yellow. Instead, you would use calm and lighter shades of the … Continue reading

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Types of Flooring Available In India

Budget, personal tastes and requirements, architectural style and weather etc. are the major factors determining the type of flooring for a house. The following descriptions of different types of flooring available in India would help you to make an informed … Continue reading

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Modular kitchen interior in Chennai

Kitchens look tidy and clutter free only when homeowners endeavour to install a modern modular kitchen that is made of exotic wood and other spectacular materials. People who are planning to transform their kitchen into luxurious destination should turn towards … Continue reading

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Three Types Of Lighting For Your House

Choose Better Lighting for Your House If you are thinking about to embellish your house with lighting, the concept of three-layer lighting process can help you make better decisions. We recommend a three-layer lighting process. There are multiple functions for … Continue reading

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Painting contractors for apartments and building in Chennai

Colors have always held a significant place in our lives. Almost every occasion is designated by colors and it has the ability to change our mood most appropriately. It is for this reason, painting is very essential. Have you been … Continue reading

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